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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/07/2011
  • Severity: 10

Brian B Kim alias Brian Kim

Investment Fraud

New York, New York, 10003

Liquid Capital LP was a scam of over 40 investors for millions of dollars. Many lost retirement and IRA funds.This Limited partnership sold the concept of trading S&P 500 minifutures to investors with a " proprietary" computer program that generates buy and sell signals . It was no more than a very well hidden ponzi scheme a la Bernie Madoff.

The General Partner Brian Kim, cleaned out the accounts and is currently on the run ( location unknown). He and his employees skipped town around Christmas and shut down their operation Well ahead of his court date and the civil suit brought by the CFTC..

A warrant has been issued for his arrest by the DA for an additional account of grand larceny.

He has a long history of crime going back at least 10 years . Even while released on bail he continued to scam investors . Why didn't the judge ( state of new york) deny bail and act in the best intrest of the public ?

A great majority of limited partnerships and LLCs turn out to be very bad investments. Virtually everyone should avoid these as there is no way to tell the good from the bad and your money is legally transfered to the control of the General partner or management. .

Bottom line is If the investment isn't in an account in your name it's not yours.

See this news article for details and an image :


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