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rare_and_exotic_hatching_eggs_4_u-Dana Leigh Alderson

Eggs, CDs, Music and more for sale on ebay

Stevensville, Montana, 59870

Don't put items to auctions up on ebay unless you want this twit to bid and threaten you! WARNING!!! iT WILL BID AND YOU WILL SHIP AND THEN IT WILL SAY THAT THE ITEM NEVER MADE IT, ITEM WERE USED, BOX EMPTY,ALL BROKEN, OR NEVER GOT THE ITEM. THEN YOU DEAL WITH EBAY AND THEY STAND UP FOR IT! This twit tells you it wants more and buys multi auctions and then says you did not ship or what ever to get free stuff. Wow, the hubby must love her! haha. I even talked to a person who shipped a 100.00 item and the twit said the box was empty! Watch out for this one. How special! and uses the excuse her poor disabled child wants the items so very bad. or she is a school teacher-WOW, I dont want that teaching my kids!


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She also scammed me on ebay and ruined my Feedback with nasty lies. To find out more as to how she scammed ebay sellers go to rare_and_exotic_hatching_eggs_4_u on Ebay and look at the Feedback she left for other people. She likes to buy stuff and lie about receiving it. She seems to get sort of perverted satisfaction from destroying the small businesses of of Ebay sellers. She does as much damage as she can to sellers. If you do not give her everything that she wants she will try to get you suspended or thrown off ebay. WARNING: DANGER TO EBAY SELLERS!!!

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