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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/07/2011
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Dominick Lauriano

Liar, Scammer

Long island, New York

Dice cash1203, sonny, DL tile& marble Web sites Unlimited,,,, Money scammer Loser !


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This is Dominick Lauriano.....Someone has accused me of being a scammer.....1st let me say that ANYONE that wants to do business with me can ask me for references of people I have done work for....I've done countless construction jobs & built 100's of web sites for various businesses......2nd, whoever is the gutless, no balls Mother F%#Ker, why don't you be a man instead of a PU$$Y & confront me with your allegation, because if I EVER find out who you are, your slut whore fish smelling smelly box mother isn't gonna recognize you when i'm done with you......Ya got that Vinny ?!?!?!
Let me find out it's you.....I'm already gonna take out 1 of your FKN eyes.....Don't let me make you totally blind and take out the other 1 you punk pu$$y scumbag.
And, if ANYONE wants to or needs to contact me regarding to the "slanderous" accusation towards me, my e-mail addresses are as follows:

Best Regards,
Dominick Lauriano

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