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  • Submitted: 02/05/2010
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Ken Lewis

Bank of America's, Ken Lewis, Dupes Shareholders

New York, New York

New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has accused Bank of America Corp, former CEO Ken Lewis and former CFO Joe Price of “duping shareholders and the federal government” to complete the bank’s purchase of Merrill Lynch & Co. last year.

Cuomo filed a lawsuit Thursday against the Charlotte, N.C.-based bank (NYSE: BAC) and its previous top executives in New York Supreme Court.

The suit contends BofA and the executives intentionally hid information that Merrill Lynch was suffering huge losses so that shareholders would approve the deal. Then, they manipulated the federal government into saving the deal with a massive bailout by threatening — falsely, Cuomo contends — to back out of the deal unless the bank received billions in taxpayer funds.

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Bank of America's, Ken Lewis, Dupes Shareholders


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  • RDM
  • Submitted: 03/09/2010
KEN LEWIS and this TEAM at the CORP OFFICE are all not to be trusted. THEY are a bunch of ass holes and liars.

THEY promised me for MONTHS a loan modification to save my home. THEY told me to make 3 payments and that my loan modification papers would arrive. THEY never did and I have been waiting now 6 months and nothing shows up. ALL I EVER get is excuses , they are no better than Countrywide, all of them are liars and CAN NOT be trusted. THERE IS NO TELLING what dirty stuff they are involved in , am I suprised to hear the PRESIDENT that screwed me over is out there screwing over the share holders, NO not one bit suprised at all
You people should not worry we have him arrest and i will like to have you information where we can contact you ..Or you can text me this message is from the Department of investigation....(850) 999-5512
Thank you

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