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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/10/2011
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Sharma Victor Edwards

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Johannesberg, Braummefeld

From what I was told this morning, my source told me that once thebank receives the fees needed for securing the affidavit document onyour behalf, one of the bank's lawyers will immediately be mandated tosecure the document from the South African high court on your behalf.Which from what I was told will be done the same day the money isreceived from you. Also, my source informed me that within 72 hours of receiving thefund, the affidavit would have been secured and the transfer of theinheritance fund will be made to your account in the United States. I will therefore, appreciate you go ahead to send the money to me viaMoney Gram on the previous name you used in sending the previous fund,so that I can cash it and have it paid to the foreign operation of mybank immediately on your behalf. I await your urgent response. You can also reach me on 011 27 73 5640928 for more update or clarification. Regards,Edward.

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