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Las Vegas, Nevada, 8919

This company uses a bait and switch high pressure sales tactic. They are the same operation/owners that run a bogus union member referral website called, There are so many complaints on this company and they just change the name of their operation. they will try to sign you up on a union member referral site telling you lies about how union members will use their site to find discounts. All a lie. Even the labor unions themselves will warn against using this type of service, it fraud. Now they are using the name to take the same companies and promise to put them on the first page of Google, Yahoo and many more with a shoddy and cheap looking online video. From what we were told none of the sales people or even the owner is Google certified. if you get a call from these jerks be very careful and do your research. If you want an online video to appear on the first Pages of Google, Yahoo and others reply back to this post we will tell you how to create your own online video and how to post it for FREE!!!!


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