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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/12/2011
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Sgt Thomas Morris

Tried to Romance me on FB

Arlington, Texas

This guy tell me he is browsing the pictures of profiles and mine caught his I because I was a christain and of good morals. He asked me to be his penpal and we could chat I was very apprehensive tho, I don't usually do this kind of thing. But I am thinking he is a lonely soilder and what harm can it be. Well, he proceeded to try and charm me and tried to get me interested in him romanticly. I told him I wasn't interested but I would be his friend... as the conversations progressed he ask if he could confide in me. I told him sure. He told me that he and 3 other soldiers raided Sadam's palace and that the was holding on to a box containing 4.2 million Dollars.. he was getting out of the military soon and he needed somewhere to send it... I told him he could send it here... joking arournd. He said ok. He said he didn't have anyone to send it to. He got an actual airbill and had the so called courier company send it to me via e-mail. It looked authentic. He said the courier will need to purchase a yellow ticket at customs when it arrives here in the united states. The so called courier company was EXPRESS WORLD COURIER,
I told him I didn't have that kind of money. in the meantime I was researching the courier company and this soilder I could not find any information about either one, He said he was on a special force that is how he had access to the palace. His records wouldn't be found. I told him to send me his ID as you see on the pics posted. I was apprehensive about everything telling him that I had gone through a horrible year as my husband left me with all the bills and no job, I couldn't afford to lose that money. He said he would pay my house note for me with the money and help me pay some bills. Also wanted me to put this in a investment for him. I didn't try to help this soilder out of greed. I felt that the devil stole so much from that maybe God was using this man to help get back on my feet. Anyway the airbill was 2870.00 and when it supposebly arrived in the states I still didn't have confirmation that this was real. He told me if the package get stuck in customs they would trace it back to him and he would be put in Blackwater. This is what compelled me to go ahead and pay for the package. After the so called courier recieved the money for the yellow ticket the courier told me he was stuck with customs and would need me to pay for some documents to get the packages in the country. The so called documents are called anti-terrorist. anti-drug certifcates as well anti money laundry certificate. He said the tickets would cost me 9500.00 This is when all the red lights come on for sure I began to investigate, nothing they were telling me was checking out. I traced a phone number in TX the so called courier was using. This is probably were the scam is. This is an elaborate scam they had Id's docuements including military Id's MoneyGram statements, Texas border control documents. They really tried to cover their tracts. Apparently they needed they money more than I so, I put it all in Gods hands... call me an idoit if you want, I feel like one. However, God is in control and it says in his word that evil things even work for the good to those who love him and are called to his purpose. I am not posting this to get even God has that, I am posting this for anyone who may come across the same situation maybe the will be smarter than me and find this article and not get scammed... I tried to post pics but the files are too big. Sorry


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I hope you reported it to your local authorities!

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