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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/13/2011
  • Severity: 10

Noreen Quinlan Peters Krommes

Psycho ......

Toms River, New Jersey

NMKROMMES@CVS.COM, TRPETERSNAK@COMCAST.NET....these are some of the email addresses you can expect to be scammed from.

BEWARE ALL!!!! This woman is out of control. She is mentally unstable and a broken person. She takes more medication to get through the day than her employer CVS can dispense. She is manipulative. A liar. A cheat. Any contact you have with her will surely be the worse experience of your life. Just ask any of her ex-husbands. She's a user, a loser, a manipulator and a cheat. and boys...always wear a condom...she got more to give than you know.


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sounds like sour grapes 2 me, retalliation from someone previously reported? tsk, tsk very transparent & unoriginal!!!!
Ells2011 is related....also a psycho....not a vaid post. And beside get a life...what do you live on this site??? LOSER
u know me nanny? i doubt it! let me know y ur watching this website equally as close. loser? the same applies. u have something 2 share?
also learn 2 spell nanny, very ignorant!
also nanny, by the time stamp on ur last msg sent 2 me, ur not on eastern time, that tells alot, dont keep sending personal msgs 2 me via email, i will report & prosecute u for harrasement
nanny, sharing u didnt respond 2 my comment about meeting & sharing what vwe know, any problem? i sooo want to meet u
if u want 2 send keith in ur place, id love 2 hear his side
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  • Submitted: 05/08/2011
Submitted: 05/01/2011
I've kept silent long enough!!!!!
Do you have something to say to me Ellen or are you just going to run you're lying mouth without knowing or caring what your talking about and what the real truth is, just like the rest of your family. I met you for 30 seconds, and you don't have a clue who I am or what kind of man I am. Before you lie for your sister, maybe you should ask her how she speaks about you behind your back, I was shocked! If any of Noreen's lying friends and family has something to say to me, have the guts to say it to my face, because I know none of you have the character to! You're all just loud mouth liars and I know one of you who is a thief too!. Your self-embarrassing display on this site shows the world what kind of people the Quinlan family is!!!!


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