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James "Jimmy" Maniscalco

Lies and Makes Phony Internet Posts/Harasses

Staten Island, New York, 10306

James Maniscalco was arrested for impersonation of NY City Police Officer (see this site:, and also claimed to be in the military. This past September someone posted a comment on the silive site calling him a "douchbag", and he has mistakenly zeroed in on the wrong person, lying when he said he checked the IP address of the poster, which he did not because if he did, he would have known it was not the person he is trying to destroy. Since then, he has distributed fliers with derogatory statements about the victim in her neighborhood, posted same fliers on telephone poles in victims area, created posts on this site and others that say he hired the victim and they robbed his childrens jewelry box. The victim has been to the police station and filed two reports, and is going to the District Attorney's office as well. His rampage has to stop, and people like him who think it is okay to post lies about someone on the internet. The victims name is Lila Goddard, and people like JImmy Maniscalco need to be stopped.


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