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  • Submitted: 03/14/2011
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Richard Geary online dating

Sacramento, California

Met a man on match. Extremely lovable. Said his parent were dead. He had Hopland california as his place of residence. He said his name was richard Geary and that he was born in england but raised in australia. His appears to look as though he could be australian. He goes by the screen name of richardbilly1986 when I met him online. I have since discovered the he's used two other screen names- lovingman4u1965 and richybilly. He told me after talking on the phone, IMs and emails that he needed to go to london to sell his parents home. That was about 2-3 weeks after we began talking. He had sent me 3 dozen roses, teddy bear and chocolates. He then told me he had a large sum if money that he needed to have transferred back to the states. Supposedly he needed me to monitor the funds getting back to the state only. He asked that I open an qaccount in ny name in the short deposit malaysia investment bank - in my name. (THESE PEOPLE REALLY THINK YOU ARE STUPID) The catch was that I am to pay up front "fees" needed to open acc $2000-$3000. If any one has information regarding this person pls contact me at

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