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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/14/2011
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Global Web Exchange

Beware: Global Web Exchange

Phoenix, Arizona, 85016

I may be another victim of this company's scam. I received the same type of phone call with a "hard-to-beat" offer for this person name Jessie. I also have an online store that I wanted more sales. Advertising was missing so I bought into his offer. I don't even know if this is his real name. Like a fool, I bought his offer and charged $3500 on my card. Watch out for this company called Global Web Exchange.. Lots of promises and unable to deliver in a timely manner. Things to watch out for when offers like this comes to any unsuspecting victim: (1) check BBB (Better Business Bureau, (2) Get email address of salesperson. If he/she has a yahoo, gmail, hotmail or any free email address....beware (3) During phone conversation, listen to background noise. That is, conversation, radio noise, street noise is a signal that this firm may not be legit!!


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This company promises 100,000 visitors to your website guaranteed. It failed on all levels:
1. It took one month before the company sent me any info about what I had purchased. Naturally, some was given over the phone, but not too many details. I wanted to know exactly how the traffic worked, and the sales rep couldn't give a good explanation. I foolishy shouldn't have jumped in.
2. Since getting their service (over 5 months ago) , my website's Web Traffic Stats show an average of about 30 UNIQUE visitors with an average of 312 visits and an average of 1028 pages per visit. I believe that most of these visitors were just crawlers for search engines (some I submitted to myself). If traffic was sent to my site, it was probably from pop-ups, 99% of which were either blocked or closed by visitors. I doubt that the Web Traffic Stats are incorrect.
3. They submitted my site to Google. It is not easily found on Google.
4. The YouTube video ($1000) for my site is poor quality; it doesn't display the site's main page, and has little to do with the products on my site. It is just a generic, stock Flash video file with my site's name incorporated.
5. The salesman who sold their package to me put a large emphasis on commissions, making sound like an MLM type of business. Supposedly, there could be even 4K a month made from people signing up under me. In 5 months, I have received $400 total from commissions.

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