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  • Submitted: 03/15/2011
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Olaf C. Vander


Hapsburg, Georgia, 30102

Claim Preloaded VISA Card For Immediate Use H. C. S. You have just won a preloaded VISA card worth $10,000.00. Time Limits> There are many corporate entities involved and numerous deadlines are in place which this company is not in the position to alleviate. You are requested to respond within 15 days to ensure Claim of your preloaded VISA card and to secure timely entry in all matters concerning the above noted $5,000,000.
Certification and Guarantee
Addressed is certified and specially selected from over 250,000 individuals to receive a VISA card preloaded with <_$10,000.00. The card is an actual card that can be used for a variety of purposes. Remember it is preloaded with spendable funds and you can use this for travel, vacations, needs for your family, luxuries and or necessities. You are 100% guaranteed eligible to be a grand prize winer. All the best wishes from Billie Smith in mailroom to Mrs. J. Segal on the Board of Directors.

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