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  • Submitted: 03/16/2011
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Cheryl Erickson Zimmerman

Gold-digger Undue Influence of an elder

Palm Desert, California, 92260

She is a gold-digger! She stole our inheritance & our family heirlooms. After the memorial she threw away our father's photos, ashes and left with her new boyfriend, victim #4.

My father lost his wife of 45 years and was scared to be alone. He was a diabetic and would go into comas, in his sleep and not wake up.

He met a woman at a bereavement group and she moved in with him within a few weeks. She also moved in her grown daughter and grandsons also.

Dad was 70 years old and she was 55. He was so excited a woman 15 yrs junior paid him attention.

The woman, her grown daughter and grandkids moved into our family home of 30 years and took over. They became my father's family and pushed us out. They were living our life.

She forced my dad to marry within a year so she would be financially secure. His 3 children did not know about the marriage.

She isolated all of my dad's family and friends. She caused fights between dad and his 3 children immediately and had him convinced the kids were only there for his money and wanted him to die

She moved Dad out of LA, away from family & friends to a small hick town in Yreka. Dad hated it.

She must have read Gold-diggers 101 and how to steal an estate because she did everything they talk about when stealing an estate.

After dad spent 4 months in the hospital for heart failure, she took dad to an attorney and changed his will/trust; without anyone's knowledge

3 years later dad died and she called the kids the same night to say that she had stolen everything
a. She kept all family heirlooms (owned over 40 years before she arrived)
b. Took our entire inheritance and all properties

Was seeing a perspective husband #4 while my dad was in the hospital for 3 months, before death. Tried to keep 3 kids from seeing dad, would not let us speak to him out of her presence, kept him on psych meds, would not let doctors speak to us, kept us away when he died, told mortuary not to speak to us, then had her boyfriend at the memorial. When the memorial ended she threw away his ashes and photos and would not let the kids go into the house. We had to get an attorney to get a copy of the will & trust. She thinks that if she refuses to speak to us that everything is hers.

Attorneys have confirmed that this is a case of elder abuse, undue influence and fraud.

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Gold-digger Undue Influence of an elder


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I am having the same problem with somebody in my family. He is also being isolated from his family and she put the family members against each other. She is also selling all properties from his previous marriage. He is 78 years old and have Alzheimer. Please let me know how your case is going.
my email is:

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