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Jamie Suggs

Sweetheart Scam 2of2 Black Widow Oasis Stripper Jamie Suggs

Atlanta, Georgia, 30340

Continued from First post.......2of2

After I told her this she told me I “hit the nail on the head”. She said she thought about it and that week (planned it out with her husband in reality) then ramped up the kissing and affection and told me for the first time that she was in love with me and her "ex husband" was dead to her in her heart, and promised to tell her family about me. Just what a man in love needed to hear right? She had me hook line and sinker. The romance began full force!

Fast forward December 2010. She started showing up on Thursdays in rental cars saying it was arranged by her uncle Earl in SC. She claims that she and her two girls (true two girls) used to live with arranged it so less wear and tear on her car. They live in Florence, SC so that was an extra hour drive and she NEVER lived there at all! Truth was she was flying into the ATL airport from Orlando and getting a rental car and staying in a hotel in Norcross! Just like a business trip and I was her best customer ever! Set pay, no dancing in the club, no sex since she was “not ready yet”, and no guilt about what she was doing to me!

My friends and brother worried for me and my brother started checking and could not find her husband in the federal prison database. I called her on it and she claimed he was "released" in November of 2010 and did not want to tell me as it would upset me. This sent me into a doubting downhill spiral and became suicidal and thank god for my kids and family and friends to encourage me. She could only blame me and that I was scaring her with my depression instead of being loving and encouraging.

In January 2011 I was broke and shut down my company and filing for bankruptcy. She continued to call me twice a day every day to tell me she loved me and cared the entire month that still does not make sense unless she somehow really fell for me as she later claimed. A smoother exit for her perhaps?

She was always acted insanely jealous thinking I was going on dates or seeing other dancers (not true) so in Feb of 2011 I finally started digging and found her husband's company and home address and made some calls and quickly put two and two together that she was still married all this time and lying. Even told me she was cleaning houses in SC so she would not have to dance as I struggled financially. Part of her husband's company was cleaning houses and moving! I called her on that and shockingly admitted it and said she was "divorced in her heart" and still wanted me, but my depression has them “talking again”. She was working on an exit strategy. That was more than I could take and now believed that her and Joe were running a full on con out of their expensive house in FL. I again became suicidal and sent a final text to her and to her husband's company email. I got a text from her that I still have that tells me “I did not totally deceive you….yes I was married but what we had was real”.

I got a call the next day from her husband asking who I was and why I had pics of her and their kids. He dated her at 16, married her at 17 and he was 33. Make your own judgment on that but it's a no brainer for most normal people to know how abnormal that was. He was stern and nice and claimed that they have been separate for 2.5yrs and I helped as he "flew up" and met with her and she told him everything. Even about the loan shark (Tony T) pressuring her for the $119K she still owes. All lies and just crazy! Also he admitted that he has NOT been in prison since 2003 for a very brief time and was there for the birth of BOTH kids! All lies from her! He likes to use the term a lot “I’m a businessman”. That seems to be some kind of “self importance reinforcement” technique.

I looked through pics of us again and her kids and one has her wedding ring on (trying to hide it) and the other from Oct 2010 that is clearly in the backyard in FL of their $500k house! They are both in on it! I found her mom on face book as I had totally renovated her trailer in SC completely and even bought her a good used car (I drove to FL ironically to get it an back) to keep a sister's kids from being taken away by the state. (Actually true) I loved her for her and cared about her family. I am flawed for sure but also gullible and a good man. Her mom listed that Jamie and her brother lived in FL and pics from 2007 that clearly showed her husband.

I ended this very quickly and devastated as she all along told me she was “drawn to me”, I was “different” than most, “attracted to me” and wanted something more after she was done dancing and then later that she “loved me and wanted to be with me”. All along going home to her co-con husband in FL each week from me sleeping in their bed while I lay alone waiting for that day to come to be together in my bed. She has met my children and relatives in NJ as we had a Christmas trip to NYC in 2010. See NYC pics from December 2010.

This grew from a friendship to best friendship to romance. It was so real. No over active emotions. It seemed real. I gave my all. My heart, my time, and yes my money that in the end was well over $300k and contributed to my demise with my company and personally. All the while never an apology or sympathy for me. She appears to be a textbook sociopath but I am not a shrink. She is a pro at what she does. Using her looks and sex appeal and sweetness to lure in men with promises for a future that will NEVER happen people!

Please beware of this woman and steer clear unless you know she is a stripper and manipulator and that is all she will ever be and enjoy her beauty and pay for that but don't let her steal your heart and you live as she did to me and two others before me! DO NOT MEET HER OUTSIDE OF THE CLUB UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND AND WANT TO GET SOME SEX BY USING YOUR MONEY. That is all it will ever be!

Jamie Suggs/Messer/Sheppard is the Black Widow Stripper of Atlanta!

You have been warned as I know more than any of her other cons since I was with her the longest, she allowed herself to get way too close to me, talked too much to me, and in the end I used that info with my PI to blow the lid off of this scam! Any book or movie deals please contact me here! LOL!

I am now dating normal non stripper woman (never did before and never will again) and have moved on with my life and thank God I have hope for the future. I pray Jamie one day sees the light and stops this madness before someone does kill himself over her or a bad customer she hooks up with hurts her Somehow! I wish her no harm. Only justice and that will come in due time without my help.

I hope this has helped you to see the light and run away fast!


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Sweetheart Scam 2of2 Black Widow Oasis Stripper Jamie Suggs Sweetheart Scam 2of2 Black Widow Oasis Stripper Jamie Suggs Sweetheart Scam 2of2 Black Widow Oasis Stripper Jamie Suggs Sweetheart Scam 2of2 Black Widow Oasis Stripper Jamie Suggs


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Important note that I forgot to include. The previous two men before me treated her like a stripper much of the time and used their money by pulling it back to get sex from her. In two years I always treated her with class and respect and never saw her that way. In turn she used that and the only time she spent the night with me was the night before we went to NYC and she slept on the sofa. I actually treated her with respect that she had never known before. I later learned that she spent many nights at these other men's homes before me and there were many sexual escapades. She felt that is what she had to do to keep them and keep the money flowing. There are pleanty of photos from both men should proof ever need to be required. She knew I loved her for who I though she was so there was never physical sex though lots of passion for sure and hotel rooms and weekly at my place obviously.
Who Scammed You Commenter
One final note in hopes for a better Google search and more exposure long term. The name of the club she works in as of March 2011 is called Oasis Goodtime Emporium and the club before that is called Mardi Gras.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Augusta, GA
Who Scammed You Commenter
Oasis Dancer Atlanta

Oasis Goodtime Emporium Dancer Atlanta

Mardi Gras Dancer Atlanta

Jamie Sheppard

Jamie Suggs

Jamie Messer

Jamie Lynn Sheppard

Jamie Lynn Suggs

Jamie Lynn Messer

Jamie L Sheppard

Jamie L Suggs

Jamie L Messer

Chris Messer

Christopher W Messer
Who Scammed You Commenter
Want to know even more truth? Read the sequel to this story. I had no choice to counter the damage control and spin against me that tries to distract from the clear truth and point of my story of what this couple did to me and continue to do to other men in Atlanta, GA. I have an email from Jamie's husband Joe apologizing to me for what Jamie did to me and will post that next should the spin continue. Obviously he was lying to me too but his email is very telling and damming as I list out what she did to me, he said he got ALL the truth from her after confronting and "flying up there" wherever "there" is since they live together! He said he had "NO idea" about me and who I was, and told me he was sorry for what she put me through!

See links below.....
Who Scammed You Commenter
This will truly be my final entry and an update to make sure there is no confusion on this matter and MY EFFORT TO REMOVE THESE POSTS. I made the effort and failed and read below with the response from the people running the site and anyone wanting them removed must deal with them directly as I am done and did as I was asked to. Here is how this came about and read the response from the people at WHOSCAMMED YOU at the bottom.

To try to suppress this information, the subject of these posts had a temp 12 month restraining order served against me as was the practice with the previous man before myself to keep me from telling others the truth. The order only mentioned that I had given this information out to her family and people at the strip club where she worked and that I had threatened to do myself in and NEVER harm anyone else. All things I clearly posted here as the truth. No talk of any threats against her or anyone else as that was never the point or intent. Only justice and a legacy and being outed and being able to tell my story was the point and to save the next stupid man that believes her.

I went to court on Monday April 4, 2011 to be a respondent and was able to tell my side of the story to a large public crowd. I was very surprised that the subject of these posts also showed up on a Monday all the way from Orlando to tell her side. The story she told was amazing of only wanting friendship and getting sexual pressure from me and dominating all her time in the club. After two years? Seriously? Wording Just like the fake posts on here. You all read the truth and see the pictures and the cards from her to know better. Even using a false address in GA on the paperwork that I pointed out to the judge and even showed the address and name of the person that lived there! She did tell the judge how I did so much good for her family and how she made the mistake of letting herself get too close to me. Very true as I said the same on these posts and was nice to hear some positive and some truth from her.

I was very nervous as I did not expect to have to get into so much detail but clearly able to prove my side with text messages of “loving me” and that “what we had was real” and the email from her husband apologizing to me for what she did to me. The judge agreed that there was "some kind of relationship" here and was part of the document in how the order was handed out. The truth was heard but unfortunately in the end the judge decided in her favor and mainly because of these posts as that and one text message was her only evidence. The posts were “affecting her livelihood” as an “adult entertainer” as the subject of these posts told the judge. That’s all fine as I made it clear that I had moved on and hoped to never see or hear from her again. It was not pleasant at all to have to be in the same room with her or even stand next to her as I listened and then told my side. I made it a point to not even give her the courtesy of looking at her at all the entire time.

Even though there was NO MENTION in the actual order to remove these posts I was asked by an aid upon leaving to make my "best effort" to have them ALL removed. I did not like the idea of these posts going away but out of respect for the court I made an effort and was unsuccessful.

Here is the reply from the people who run this site and let it be noted that I IMMEDIATELY MADE THE EFFORT asked of me and was denied and here is the reply. I am done with all this “Jerry Springer Drama” and let the chips fall where it may about the nature of our relationship over two years as the truth is all here and as the bible verse says. You will reap what you sow. These posts will be part of the reaping of what was sown against me and two other men before me the past 2 years with me and 3 years with them and hope these posts save some poor soul in the future what we all went through.

Cheers and see below......
Info to me
April 4, 2011 8:56 PM
It is our company policy to not remove any posts from our website. Our site is merely a forum where people can post their alleged scams and the people who are the subject of those posts can tell their side of the story in order to set the record straight.
WSY is neither in the business nor has the capacity to take sides regarding who WSY believes is correct.
Who Scammed You Commenter
One year later....I now live in a far away land making my millions again and healing had taken place from the evil. I have a lovely woman as my soon to be wife that is a government lawyer and hope to one day take these scammers to court and hopefully jail if not compensation! PIs are collecting info on these two criminals and their familes and I hope to one day travel back home for the trial and see them finally prosecuted for their crimes to me and so many others.

Here is some more info on the co scammer's husband (Joey) and one of their other failed businesses from a few years ago. Jamie claimed that she and her "uncle" in SC combined all their money and started a furniture business that failed and she was helping him to shut it down even in 2009 when I knew her. Truth was she used all her stripper money to help her loser husband to run this failed business. They have now moved from their rented home on Sandy Marsh Lane in December of 2011 or January and are on the move once again as they do every couple of years as con artists and white trash do. I was mistaken about them owning this home and also mistaken that Joey is only 10 years older than Jamie and Jamie stole him from another woman whom he has a six year relationship or marriage and two kids that Jamie claimed were her's.

It also seems like their family business has failed as they are no longer in that home and the number for their Orlando moving company branch has been disconnected from what my PIs found out.

He was also arrested in Feb of 2010. I hope this helps someone and one day Jamie and Joey are in prison where they both belong. I also since found out that her kids were NOT her kids but another previous "woman" of Joey's and she posted her comments here as she thankfully found my listing here. Search for "Not the Mama" and read the fun. Joey is short, dyes his hair black from blonde, Jamie used to tell me he has a "short man complex" and talked really big and loud to make up for his small stature. He also has two god awful huge tattoos of dragons on his back. Jamie also claimed to hate anyone with tattoos. Two worthless piles of human debris. I'm over the pain emotionally but the wheels of justice will carry on until the end. Steer clear of these evil people that claim to be strong Christians with a calling from God. Here is hoping that google picks this info up for anyone looking for info on these two!

Joey Suggs
Joseph Leon Suggs
Date of Birth
December 21, 1972
3865 Percival Road
Orlando Florida
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JLS Furniture and Interiors
The Smoother Mover Orlando
Joe Suggs
Joey Suggs
Joesph Suggs
Jamie Sheppard
Jamie Messer
James Suggs
Who Scammed You Commenter
Records in June of 2015 Show she is now living in or near Dickinson, North Dakota! Beware!
Who Scammed You Commenter
Who Scammed You Commenter Jamie Wessinger
Who Scammed You Commenter
Who Scammed You Commenter
Jamie Schuyler

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