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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/17/2011
  • Severity: 10

Larry Smith

Romance/Money Scam

Young America,, Minnesota

Larry pretended he was a widow with an 11 year old daughter and he was looking for hiss soul mate. Six days into the communication, he said his daughter who lives with her maternal grandmother in Africa, had been in a car accident. and was in a coma and would not be treated but left to die, according to the doctor, if he did not send the doctor
1600.immediately. I let him know I did not have it to send.. So, he dropped the price to $800. I still said I did not have it to send.
A day passed and he said his daughter had awakened from the coma and was calling for him. He said I should send her something to cheer her up. He suggested I send her a laptop computer and then he decided since she was in the hospital her cousin would receive for her. He then changed and said she would rather have money and he e-mailed me an address in Nigeria. I told him my brother-law was a police officer and advised me that those Nigerian addresses were scams and I was not sending him anything. He ended his communication with , "I want bother you again". He got nothing from me except wasted time answering his lying e-mails. He need to be stopped..


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