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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/18/2011
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John Tipping

Online Dating Money Scam

Akpakpa, Africa, 00229

I met this man on, and he got me to go onto yahoo messenger right away. He sent me pictures of his son and his mother, pictures of himself as a child. He told me he was civil engineer working or trying to get work as a contractor for one of the oil companies.
Right away he started telling me how much he loved me and how we were soul mates and how he had been so hurt by his wife who slept with his best friend. He send me poetry, and called me a few times. He talked to me several times a day for weeks, then he said he need money for a lawyer. Oh also he had a heavy accent which he said he had because he was born in Jamacia. I told him I couldnt send him money, but he kept asking and as I was new to online dating I was unsure. Everything he did and said thru up a red flag saying something was way off with this guy. He never would talk about what he did on a daily basis or give any information about himself. He demanded that I give him my credit card info and i said no. He even asked me to marry him in an email, can you believe that?
I have pages and pages of poetry and romantic emails about how he had not felt like this about anyone before, and all the archived yahoo instant message dialog from the past few months. He said he was not taking to any other women and I was the only one and how could I possibly think that of him. He said he needed money to get back to San Jose which is where he lived, and that he would pay me back withing 2 days if I gave him money. Well he got $200 out of me the beginning of December and then another $500 out of me the 20th of Feb. 2011. His picture that he had posted was very attractive, so much so that he was hard to resist. I even saw him on web cam once, and it was really him he was attractive, slender long brownish hair, but there was no light on in the room other then the illumination from his laptop. Anyway I see that other women have reported him as well, and I hope someone cuts off his balls when they actually find him.
How does he live with himself I wonder? Maybe he is a she you never know. Also this started Sept. 6 and I just talked to him a few days ago.

CF, from San Carlos, CA

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Online Dating Money Scam Online Dating Money Scam Online Dating Money Scam Online Dating Money Scam


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