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Payday Loan scam

Phoenix, Arizona, 85335

"Jacob" called me at home. His voice is heavily accented--the accent may be part of the scam. His voice was not very accented on an earlier call. He had my full name, ssn, home phone number, home address and my e-mail address. Jacob identified himself as a detective calling me regarding three instances of illegally soliciting payday loans over the internet--and did "I know it is against the law to do so?". In addition, I was being charged for accepting a loan, putting it in my bank, spending the money and not paying the loan back. He w ent on to say he was in Washington DC, he was working on the case and if I hadn't heard about the court case that was okay, they didn't have to contact me until after the judge had rendered a decision about the amount I would have to pay. I asked who had brought this charge against me. "instacash" doing business as "Advancecash" was the entity he named. I asked what the amount would be and he
said $200 for the initial loan, his fees, lawyers fees and court costs, totalling $4-5000.
And, if I didn't have a lawyer HE would appoint me one.
But, arrangements for an out of court agreement could be made.
He gave me his phone number as760-429-2870.

Please do NOT publish the rest of this:
jacob called again two days ago and left a voicemail. he left the number above as his callback--my answering machine gave me 602-586-1478 as the number from which he
was calling. I think he gave us his real number. Right here in Phoenix.
I included the payday loans names--they should be informed. call me if you need
THANX!! connie


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