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Gebls World Shop [now E-Bakos, Slovakia]


Bratislavia, Bratislavia

This is to inform all truth-loving people that ALL the officials of former Gebls World Shop [now E-Bakos] are pathological liars. They did not pay ANY of those that worked for them as they are deceiving the whole world. When I worked for them, nearly nine months ago, they kept on changing the condition of service [at least 5 times]. They will send new set of payment order and invoice to me and I kept on filling them and kept on sending them for payment. I did not know that they were a gang of develish internet fraudsters and scammers.

When they discovered that those who worked for them were exposing their scams too much, they decided to change their former name to the present one in order to cover up. I have copies of ALL the payment invoice and orders that they asked me to fill and send to them [which I did]. I can present them to anybody to expose the evil minds of those people.

In addition, I want everybody to check for information about Gebls World Shop [with Google], you will get a clearer picture of what I am saying. They were formerly Gebls World Shop, today they are E-Bakos, I am sure that they will change their name again whenever they know that their fresh tricks and fraud are being exposed.

When I worked for them, they changed their e-mail addresses, over 6 times. In fact, they are REAL CROOKS!


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We serve about alleged fraud.
Mr Agbola who writes here is one of the translators who have signed a contract where the terms and conditions are not fulfilled, and his work was not accepted.
We have 16 translators who have complied and there was no problem.
Only those people like Mr. Agbola which comply with the conditions described by the Internet information.
We are sorry for such a meeting but the error was on our side.
Was offered a new contract which he refused.

E-Bakos Slovakia s.r.o

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