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Internet, California

DO NOT TRUST MY LIFE FOR LOCATION OF SOMEONE AS THEY WILL USE YOUR INFORMATION, NAME, ADDRESSES, AGE AND PHOTOGRAPHS FOR OTHER TO SEE AND SEND YOU EMAILS ABOUT THE PERSON YOU ONCE SEARCHED WITH ALL YOUR INFORMATION OF YOU, THEIR CLIENT, AFTER YOU PAID HANDSOMELY. A scammer over a phony bank inheritance also lawer fraud was IM chatting me daily. I used Google and sources to check out all his lies and fraudulent activity. I paid My Life to verify info and after their first email to me of his 5 prior locations when he claimed to be in Miami Beach, which he did not know from my questioninig, I discovered first from Google, then a phone program I own that is was a Californian, just miles from me. My life continually, weekly and often more sent the same email of his addresses, photographs and wanted additional payment to see the photos. I unsubscribed, but the emails continued for two weeks. Now I got an email, not only with his five addresses and photographs, but also my name, addresses, age and photographs. I feel abused by a product I bought and cancelled after payment, paying to be used is wrong and I will go to the UCC and FTC.


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