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  • Submitted: 03/20/2011
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MedFlow Capital, Inc.

MedFlow Capital, Inc.

Allen, Texas, 75013


The owner is Greg Lemay. He has changed his company name three different times. His first company was "Omega Financing," his second was "," and now it's "Medflow Capital". His primary business is to scam doctors looking for funding through advance fees from $2,500 to $9,000. Once the money is received all communication stop! Please google " scam" to read about all his victims and their stories. Same old scam different name! Please warn all other healthcare professionals. It is your DUTY!


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To whom it may concern,

Medflow Capital, Inc. stands on its proven track record and the multitude of successes with our Physician clients. Inquiries into our methodology and practices are welcome. Our Physician clients are billed only upon successful funding of their loan. It has been that way from the beginning and that fact will not change. We invite anyone to see what sets Medflow Capital, Inc. apart from the rest. We believe that truth and sound business practices will protect you from cowardly and anonymous attacks that seem so prevalent on the web today. We will continue to strive for excellence in our customer satisfaction. Call us today at 800-219-2301 if you are a physician that needs Working Capital, Debt Consolidation, help with your Practice Acquisition, etc.

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