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  • Submitted: 03/21/2011
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Jamie Suggs is NOT A SCAM ARTIST!

Black Widow Stripper? Hilarious!!!

Atlanta, Georgia

I recently came across this site and found someone listed on it that I know and have known since Feburary of 2006.It is the Woman Listed as the BLACK WIDOW STRIPPER at the OASIS strip club in Atlanta Ga.I am a successful Dental Physician Living in Knoxville,Tn. Where I also run my Dental practice.Every month for the past 7 or 8 years I travel to Atlanta (bout 3 hr drive) for a little relaxation and fun with some friends of mine that live in the Atlanta area.One of the places we like to go to is The Oasis Goodtime Emporium Gentlemans Club.I am a huge fan of the establishment.Very Classy and tasteful enviroment.All the women are gorgeous and very polite.What I love the most about this place is that they also have a full service kitchen and Chef on hand.Myself and the fellas like to order a stiff crown on the rocks and a Big Thick Juicy T-Bone steak all the while taking in the beautiful women at the same time.I could talk this establishment up all day,but let me not get sidetracked.Im writing this in responce to the ""SWEETHEART SCAM BLACK WIDOW OASIS STRIPPER JAMIE SUGGS'''.I Know this Jamie Suggs and have known her for the past 4+ years now.She is very Beautiful,Classy and a delight to see when I come to the club,I always choose her to spend my time/money with while I am there due to how comfortable she always makes me feel in her presence.I have had hundreds of dances and VIP"s with her and never once has she allowed me to touch her or ever even encouraged such activities.She has always been very professional,courteous and polite.My take on this whole situation is that this customer of hers sounds like he fell head over heels and now that he realizes she doesn't want to be with him he is attempting run a smear campaign on her.Really sad because she really is a sweet girl.Keep your head up Jamie.You've got people on your side sweetheart:)


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Notice this person will not address the photos and all of the documenatation. The pictures speak for themselves. She is married and living in Florida. I am her third victim in 5 years. She does play the good girl in the club and DOES let you touch her in the early goings but pulls back and says she felt gulity and never happened again. Again, I included all of the details and is EXACTLY AS I WROTE IT . This post was either written by a very naive customer, the two of them, or more than likely a family member trying to cover this up. AGAIN photos and text messages and voicemails DO NOT LIE. IT IS ALL TRUE and my point was to keep this from happening. It is all planned and calculated. So much documentation, photos, and messages from my and my PI. BTW...The person posting this was not even smart enough or willing to respond to the original messages. Just an ignorant message from a "customer" who claims to have never been outside the club with her. Again, look at the photos. She is happily married and living in FL! Case Closed!
Who Scammed You Commenter
One more thing Mr. Dentist. You must still be married and you do NOT live in the area as you live in Knoxville. You would never be one of her targets for those two reasons. She tried to avoid married men for outside fun, and must be local to the club.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Oh...and you know her real last name? So quick to defend her from experiences in a strip club? I spent days and days with her all day for 2 years. Nobody but myself and her cons ever got her real name. Never a customer who comes to town sometimes. Only her fake last name of Messer if ever. Again, goto and look her and her husband up with those name. It will tell the tale. Fin....
Who Scammed You Commenter
Let me make it crystal clear that there is nothing "Hilarious" or funny at all about a woman that almost destroyed my life, took me to the point of wanting to end my life out of despair, and seriously messed up the lives of two other men before me. It’s sad and tragic! How could this person not read and sees the clear deception and con and details I have of everything? The photos of me embracing and being out of town with her? The facts are right there. Just read and go on the web and search for yourself. A customer that does not know this woman other than in a strip club would not come to her defense so strongly and only a few days after my posts. Just too coincidental and only 4 days later?

Interesting quote of…. “You’ve got people on your side sweetheart”? Huh? From a customer she barely knows and sees in a strip club? The writing style reminds me of an email I have from Jamie’s husband Joe. He used to writing "reviews" from fake people for their moving company for sites like Yelp and others.

Making up an identity of a dentist in Knoxville is nothing to them. Notice he had to give all that detail about the steaks and buddies and drinks to make it more believable and got “sidetracked”. LOL! BTW…Jamie always said how Joe loved his “Stiff Crown on the Rocks” and they called it something like “CrunCrun” to their older daughter as they have let her try some. Always a nicer bar in every house they live in. Coincidence? Again, I have so much detail as I spent thousands of hours and days and days one on one with this woman away from that club as well as some in it. We were just like best friends joined at the hip and is what is so unbelievable to me sometimes still!

There is no doubt that this couple are masters of the con and deception. Truly made for one another. Again, go to the club and get out of it what you are supposed to and enjoy her beauty and charm as what is said about is true about her "class" and "comfort" and “sweetness” that she portrays to all. She is a pro but do not let her sweep you away, look at my photos and facts and detail that are ALL true. Always remember the old joke about a stripper. Most are not but is this case...How can you tell when a stripper is lying? When she opens her mouth! ;-) Here is to the truth being out there and exposed. Finally after 5 years! Defense rests. Cheers! Just no Crown please! Only Flying Fish Merlot. Only Jamie and I know what that means. Now I am done……..
Who Scammed You Commenter
Want to know even more truth? Read the sequel to this story. I had no choice to counter the damage control and spin against me that tries to distract from the clear truth and point of my story of what this couple did to me and continue to do to other men in Atlanta, GA. I have an email from Jamie's husband Joe apologizing to me for what Jamie did to me and will post that next should the spin continue. Obviously he was lying to me too but his email is very telling and damming as I list out what she did to me, he said he got ALL the truth from her after confronting and "flying up there" wherever "there" is since they live together! He said he had "NO idea" about me and who I was, and told me he was sorry for what she put me through!

See links below.....
Who Scammed You Commenter
This will truly be my final entry and an update to make sure there is no confusion on this matter and MY EFFORT TO REMOVE THESE POSTS. I made the effort and failed and read below with the response from the people running the site and anyone wanting them removed must deal with them directly as I am done and did as I was asked to. Here is how this came about and read the response from the people at WHOSCAMMED YOU at the bottom.

To try to suppress this information, the subject of these posts had a temp 12 month restraining order served against me as was the practice with the previous man before myself to keep me from telling others the truth. The order only mentioned that I had given this information out to her family and people at the strip club where she worked and that I had threatened to do myself in and NEVER harm anyone else. All things I clearly posted here as the truth. No talk of any threats against her or anyone else as that was never the point or intent. Only justice and a legacy and being outed and being able to tell my story was the point and to save the next stupid man that believes her.

I went to court on Monday April 4, 2011 to be a respondent and was able to tell my side of the story to a large public crowd. I was very surprised that the subject of these posts also showed up on a Monday all the way from Orlando to tell her side. The story she told was amazing of only wanting friendship and getting sexual pressure from me and dominating all her time in the club. After two years? Seriously? Wording Just like the fake posts on here. You all read the truth and see the pictures and the cards from her to know better. Even using a false address in GA on the paperwork that I pointed out to the judge and even showed the address and name of the person that lived there! She did tell the judge how I did so much good for her family and how she made the mistake of letting herself get too close to me. Very true as I said the same on these posts and was nice to hear some positive and some truth from her.

I was very nervous as I did not expect to have to get into so much detail but clearly able to prove my side with text messages of “loving me” and that “what we had was real” and the email from her husband apologizing to me for what she did to me. The judge agreed that there was "some kind of relationship" here and was part of the document in how the order was handed out. The truth was heard but unfortunately in the end the judge decided in her favor and mainly because of these posts as that and one text message was her only evidence. The posts were “affecting her livelihood” as an “adult entertainer” as the subject of these posts told the judge. That’s all fine as I made it clear that I had moved on and hoped to never see or hear from her again. It was not pleasant at all to have to be in the same room with her or even stand next to her as I listened and then told my side. I made it a point to not even give her the courtesy of looking at her at all the entire time.

Even though there was NO MENTION in the actual order to remove these posts I was asked by an aid upon leaving to make my "best effort" to have them ALL removed. I did not like the idea of these posts going away but out of respect for the court I made an effort and was unsuccessful.

Here is the reply from the people who run this site and let it be noted that I IMMEDIATELY MADE THE EFFORT asked of me and was denied and here is the reply. I am done with all this “Jerry Springer Drama” and let the chips fall where it may about the nature of our relationship over two years as the truth is all here and as the bible verse says. You will reap what you sow. These posts will be part of the reaping of what was sown against me and two other men before me the past 2 years with me and 3 years with them and hope these posts save some poor soul in the future what we all went through.

Cheers and see below......
Info to me
April 4, 2011 8:56 PM
It is our company policy to not remove any posts from our website. Our site is merely a forum where people can post their alleged scams and the people who are the subject of those posts can tell their side of the story in order to set the record straight.
WSY is neither in the business nor has the capacity to take sides regarding who WSY believes is correct.

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