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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/22/2011
  • Severity: 9

Rhonda Sanchez Davis

Money Scammer

Hammond, Louisiana

Watch out for rhonda davis she is a con and a scammer she lives in aol chatrooms telling men shes not married she lies she is! her husbands name is jack rhonda is a scammer always asking for money with bullsh*t stories she lost her purse her purse was stolen she cant pay her bills etc.etc. shes a con all she wants is your money she has taken many a man on aol for alot of cash over the years shes a total con been married for 33 years and her and jack scam suckers all day long on aol she claimed at one time to make 10,000's a year scamming all tax free her husband is collecting disability there is nothing wrong with him they drink and smoke spice all day long ( her own words)and she cons aol suckers out of thier cash be warned


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I have seen this pig yup she spends all day online conning men she tried hitting me up for $500.00 and whats funny she even said "Its not stealing if they give it to me right?" (her own words) what a loser I heard she lives in a trailer park in a camper with her husband I have seen his picture there is nothing wrong with him i was told he collects disability he suppose to have a terminal illness ya right lmaooo! there is nothing wrong with him at all ! I have also seen her brag she gets alot of money from her church she loves to scam them they are easy she says online ! what a skank total loser what kind of a woman hangs online all day and hits up men for cash talk about a lowlife and then she uses her church too and tries to act all religious omg what a phoney she is shes dirty,unkept,unbathed,just nasty and those bulging eyes omg total trailer troll, I am so glad someone finally nailed that pig everymen on the planet needs to avoid this pig she is nothing but a conI was told shes even had the balls to ask some guys for a grand ! she needs to be in jail isnt that wirefraud? careful boys shes a real winner
To you that think you know everything. I happen to know the real person you are talking about and this is all bullshit. How dare you defame her character like you have. Shame on you.

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