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Luciano Antonio

Romance Scam

Lagos, Minnesota

This guy contacted me in and said he was a widower with an 11 year old son, lives in Chaski, Minnesota and is an auto trader doing business internationally. He was in London expecting a container with some of his cargo to deliver to his customers, then had to take off for an emergency trip to Lagos, Nigeria to see why his shipment was being held at the port in Lagos. He then proceeded to tell me he had issues with a check that he couldn't get cashed and if I could help him. He asked if I had credit cards and how much money on them, to which I replied Iha very little and I could not help him. The moment he mentioned he had trouble, I new it was a scam and told him that very moment. He made all sorts of excuses and insisted he was not making things up or scamming in anyway. I told him of several discrepancies in things he had written and or said. However, I did not block him yet since I am trying to find out who he is and trying to make sure he is caught without him knowing I am behind it.
He gave me the following number to call him, I have not used it... 011-234-8052013479
I don't know if the man on the pictures is the man contacting me.

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Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam


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Chaska, Minnesota is where he supposedly lives...
Lagos, Nigeria is where he is supposedly at now...
  • Submitted: 04/04/2012
He did not scam me... but his story has not changed! He contacted me via chemistry .com about a week ago, sounded romantic and sincere! Showed all kinds of enthusiasm and said a lot of sweet things... very funny... He talked about losing his wife in a car accident 3 years ago, and how he is now ready to find the right woman!
He claims to be an Auto trader on business in London. He now lives in E. Hampton CT!!! His beloved son Samuel - 11 is also in London with him! He sent me similar pictures, and one of his "mansion", which i made no comment about. I have no idea if this is his real name even, but i know the same picture is on Facebook, and he is using the name Luciano Lucy Antonio!! He said his close friends call him Lucy!!! lol!!!

I became suspicious when:
He said he moved from Italy to United States when he was a teenager, and yet his grammar and use of vocabulary was pretty poor, as though he had only lived here for the last 8 to 10 years if that!!
He did not know the time difference between East Coast and London - He said it was 7 or 8 hours, when in fact it is only 5 right now.
He kept insisting that i should download yahoo messenger, so we could chat and get to know each other better!
His e-mails started to sound as though an American was writing now, as he was losing patience with me real fast since i told him i could not download messenger due to work security... he then said to download it to my home computer no matter how late i get home as he really needed to chat with me!
His current e-mail address is: He never gave me his phone number though he talked about doing so, when he comes back to the States (oh in about a week or two)
This guy is too much. I will ignore him, but sounds like he has got quite a bit of reputation out there, and does not seem to be that bright!! Wonder whose poor slob's pictures he has stolen!

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