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Oasis Dancer NOT SCAM!!!

There is always THREE sides to a story....

atlanta, Georgia

CONTINUED FROM FOURTH ENTRY..... Not only is it WRONG but it holds no validity WHATSOEVER & his slandering outbursts wouldn't hold up anywhere once ALL the facts are presented from ALL sides of observation in this situation.And trust me she has people that know EXACTLY how it all transpired even if she doesn't realize it because we have been here the WHOLE ENTIRE first year or two that he was coming in here lavishing tremendous amounts of money on her with NO STRINGS ATTATCHED! just simply being a regular/repeat customer.He even stated it himself in his post.I mean,REALLY??? Buddy,whether or not you are a PREDATORY customer or not,you came in here, A NUDE STRIP CLUB/BAR by YOURSELF & sought Jamie out,not the other way around.I have since informed Jamie that we have BARRED this customer from our establishment on the nights when Jamie will be working due to our awareness of this situation & that it would most definitely be in her best interest to stay clear of this man as he seems unstable in his conversations and behavior.Hopefully they will both come out of this learning a thing or two....For him,Don't use your money in a strip club looking for true love,its like water & oil,IT DOESN"T MIX!!! For her,sometimes a slow nickel is better than that fast dime and never,I REPEAT NEVER, tell a customer that you love him if it truly isn't so,NO MATTER HOW GREAT THE AMOUNT OF MONEY THAT IS BEING THROWN AT YOU.Maybe we can ALL take something from this & learn a thing or two.God Bless & peace to all.


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Who Scammed You Commenter
I am not allowed in that club when Jamie is there at HER own choice as she said she in uncomfortable. I am NOT banned from there. They were also tring to work on letting me in eventually with her there as I promised NO drama or they could kick me out or have me arrested if I ever caused a problem and I never did or will. However I was never a regular before I met her in there and never want to be one again.

Everyone might think it odd how I took care of here most weeks and was her only customer. Only her and I know the truth to all this and she was thrilled that she did not have to dance as she said she hated it and could not wait to pay off her debt and stop dancing forever and be with me! That was my motivation and my heart for her. Stupid? Yes! But I believed her.

Let there be no doubt from my clear details and evidence that I am the one who was manipulated and not the other way around.

She lied an conned me for my money. She got it and this is the result. I was a lonely divorced man that fell for a woman that claimed to return my love and we had so much in common.

That is the truth. No instabiliy other than what she caused me.

What we had seemed to be very special and unique. I beleived her. I believed who she claimed to be.

Unfortunately that was not true.

The facts speak for themself.



Who Scammed You Commenter
I went in there by myself as a lonely man in the process of being divorced. I never sought anyone out and never planned on dating a "dirty stripper in my life. But I walked in in night and there she was in late 2008. I was never a regular. This sounds so much like things Jamie would tell me when she would get upset or jealous when I went into the club after we were through and have texts telling me that I was just like all the other customers that tried to "sweep her off her feet". Yeah right. Never had sex (with me anyway) so what does that tell you after two years? It tells you that I loved her for her and not for sex. That's what!

Something to think about when reading these responses. Why would an employee of the club spend so much time and put so much energy to defend this woman? Jamie never made friends with anyone there on purpose and ALL will tell you she is a mystery woman.

Most important is how can this person know my timelines of when she first saw me there and when we were not there with ALL of the other customers in there every day? Also how much money I was giving her as the amounts she mentioned are correct but Jamie's "rates" were her own rates and not based on anything someone told her to ask for.

It's clear that this is her attempt to deflect the clear scam and con.

Also notice that none of these posts listed her last name or name in the title? On purpose to keep the google hits down.

Always NOT A SCAM. Just like the fake dentist post.

What is a Sweetheart SCAM? Telling someone that you want more with me when done dancing, that she loves me and her "ex husband" is dead to her in her heart and wants to be with me? That her ex husband is in prison and she is divorced? Wants me to meet her family? She can see herself with me forever? All the while taking my money knowing she will NEVER be with me since she is married and living in FL with her husband and kids and playing with my heart and emotions and my life? THAT IS A SCAM! NO QUESTION AND NONE OF THESE POSTS SEEM TO ADDRESS THAT! CASE CLOSED AGAIN. Damage control has failed again and I can do this all day and night forever and keep replying!

Keep the drama alive and more and more people will know and will clearly see the truth. Again, the story is compelling, people at the club know me and beleive and trust me, and the photos do not lie! The truth it out there!!!!!

Who Scammed You Commenter
Sorry...this spin control is just too easy to knock out of the park and so laughable! Better luck next time.

Everyone in there knows me fairly well and just about everyone is very very nice to me! Especially considering they ALL know the truth and have seen the text messages and pics!
That is the truth!

C'mon! Seriously! If you are really an employee of the club and you have been willing to take 3-4 hours of your time on a Tuesday evening to defend a person you barely know with such passion (see the posting times for all of these messages to the left of each one) and paint me a typical problem club scumbag when everyone there for the most part knows of my goodness, honesty, and kindness, then call me or meet with me and talk with me and let me show you the messages and photos and voicemails and receipts and talk to me face to face and I will honestly answer any question you have and you can even record it. How is that for honesty? How about a lie detector test? I'm willing! I'm ready. I'm honest!!!!! I have the truth!

Who Scammed You Commenter
Hanging out in my condo, jogging, going to many movies, and eating a Taco Bell is not exactly showing her off as a trophy of any kind. Never saw her that way. Never even saw her as a stripper but a sweet flawed woman, a friend, and lover and someone I wanted to spend the rest of my days with as she told me she wanted the same and loved me after August of 2010.
Who Scammed You Commenter
I now have the proof that these posts are fake and from Jamie and Joe or family as I have information I mentioned earlier they did not know I have. I have spoken to ALL of the management there from this situation from the day I found out to alert them of how she operates outside of the club. Even the owner's son and main floor managers.

This fake message poster above claims to be in a position of management at the club and states the following.

"I have since informed Jamie that we have BARRED this customer from our establishment on the nights when Jamie will be working due to our awareness of this situation..."

This proves the lie! It was made clear to me from the same day I spoke with them that they asked me to not come in while she was working because "she requested it" because "she was not comfortable with me being in there at the same time she was there". That is understandable since she could not stand seeing me with other dancers and also because I could walk up to one of her new cons and tell them the truth! And just awkward! But not because they made a decison and they were concerned for her somehow! LOL!

All of the bouncers and management let me know they hope we can work this out over time and if her and I could settle this between ourselves. I asked Jamie to call me this pat month and talk to me one last time. She refused and I told her then the world will know what she did to me. Both management, bouncers, servers, and dancers 99% say it is ridiclous that I cannot come in there when she is working!

I told them to put me to the test and if I ever caused a single problem to kick me out, have me banned for life, and even have me arrested. How is that for honesty and putting myself out there?

Many of the bouncers and managers know me well and have had many long conversations about how all this went down as they saw us together back in the day. We were a nice couple that never caused trouble, everyone saw the "spark" and I was always friendly and generous to everyone and tipped everyone very well as they have to make a living too. But never was I allowed to tip another dancer or she would do nutzo! LOL! Just ask any dancer. They were scared of her as she is sweet here mostly and a pro but goes "redneck ape shit nuts" sometimes screaming at staff and had punched one dancer on the floor before! She has gone nuts like that on me a couple times but never punched me and never let her former inner female boxer come out!

I always brought in food when I came in early for Jamie and I and for everyone to enjoy. Things like fruit and cheese and crackers and chicken nuggets and even candy. It was fun while I believed it was real and it was a dream for her since it was so easy!

So the quote above about her being "informed" that I was somehow banned again tries to make the the bad guy when in reality everyone is scratching their heads wondering why I can't come in there with her.

The people there know me, like me, have sympathy for the most part for my stupidity, and saw my own tears early on as I went in there to deal and try to get over this.

They always let me have a reserved high top table when I go in if avaialble. Even though I am not spending the money I used to be able to spend in there. This is why my original post states that they are mostly really good people that work in there and making a living and did not want to bring them into this. Respect.

Proven now without a doubt that all of these posts are fake!

What is suprirsing to me is that she has not made up some story in a month and a half that I was somehow bothering her or stalking her as that would have me banned from the club. Again I did have a PI and did file a lawsuit and got all the ugly details about her but never ill will. Only exposure and justice that I have gotten in a BIG way so far! ;-)
Who Scammed You Commenter
Want to know even more truth? Read the sequel to this story. I had no choice to counter the damage control and spin against me that tries to distract from the clear truth and point of my story of what this couple did to me and continue to do to other men in Atlanta, GA. I have an email from Jamie's husband Joe apologizing to me for what Jamie did to me and will post that next should the spin continue. Obviously he was lying to me too but his email is very telling and damming as I list out what she did to me, he said he got ALL the truth from her after confronting and "flying up there" wherever "there" is since they live together! He said he had "NO idea" about me and who I was, and told me he was sorry for what she put me through!

See links below.....
Who Scammed You Commenter
This will truly be my final entry and an update to make sure there is no confusion on this matter and MY EFFORT TO REMOVE THESE POSTS. I made the effort and failed and read below with the response from the people running the site and anyone wanting them removed must deal with them directly as I am done and did as I was asked to. Here is how this came about and read the response from the people at WHOSCAMMED YOU at the bottom.

To try to suppress this information, the subject of these posts had a temp 12 month restraining order served against me as was the practice with the previous man before myself to keep me from telling others the truth. The order only mentioned that I had given this information out to her family and people at the strip club where she worked and that I had threatened to do myself in and NEVER harm anyone else. All things I clearly posted here as the truth. No talk of any threats against her or anyone else as that was never the point or intent. Only justice and a legacy and being outed and being able to tell my story was the point and to save the next stupid man that believes her.

I went to court on Monday April 4, 2011 to be a respondent and was able to tell my side of the story to a large public crowd. I was very surprised that the subject of these posts also showed up on a Monday all the way from Orlando to tell her side. The story she told was amazing of only wanting friendship and getting sexual pressure from me and dominating all her time in the club. After two years? Seriously? Wording Just like the fake posts on here. You all read the truth and see the pictures and the cards from her to know better. Even using a false address in GA on the paperwork that I pointed out to the judge and even showed the address and name of the person that lived there! She did tell the judge how I did so much good for her family and how she made the mistake of letting herself get too close to me. Very true as I said the same on these posts and was nice to hear some positive and some truth from her.

I was very nervous as I did not expect to have to get into so much detail but clearly able to prove my side with text messages of “loving me” and that “what we had was real” and the email from her husband apologizing to me for what she did to me. The judge agreed that there was "some kind of relationship" here and was part of the document in how the order was handed out. The truth was heard but unfortunately in the end the judge decided in her favor and mainly because of these posts as that and one text message was her only evidence. The posts were “affecting her livelihood” as an “adult entertainer” as the subject of these posts told the judge. That’s all fine as I made it clear that I had moved on and hoped to never see or hear from her again. It was not pleasant at all to have to be in the same room with her or even stand next to her as I listened and then told my side. I made it a point to not even give her the courtesy of looking at her at all the entire time.

Even though there was NO MENTION in the actual order to remove these posts I was asked by an aid upon leaving to make my "best effort" to have them ALL removed. I did not like the idea of these posts going away but out of respect for the court I made an effort and was unsuccessful.

Here is the reply from the people who run this site and let it be noted that I IMMEDIATELY MADE THE EFFORT asked of me and was denied and here is the reply. I am done with all this “Jerry Springer Drama” and let the chips fall where it may about the nature of our relationship over two years as the truth is all here and as the bible verse says. You will reap what you sow. These posts will be part of the reaping of what was sown against me and two other men before me the past 2 years with me and 3 years with them and hope these posts save some poor soul in the future what we all went through.

Cheers and see below......
Info to me
April 4, 2011 8:56 PM
It is our company policy to not remove any posts from our website. Our site is merely a forum where people can post their alleged scams and the people who are the subject of those posts can tell their side of the story in order to set the record straight.
WSY is neither in the business nor has the capacity to take sides regarding who WSY believes is correct.

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