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Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel 1of2

Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 1of2

Atlanta, Georgia, 30060

Part 1of2
Well I felt the need to post one more entry here due to the amount of spin and damage control that has been attempted the past few days and to include some more pics and details that only someone close to her would know.

There is an attempt to paint Jamie as the sweet innocent victim in all this and I am some kind of bad person that lurked in strip clubs for women. That is very funny and the furthest thing from the truth.

Again I never in my life thought I would date or want to be with a stripper as I used to go in there once or twice a year for the past 16 years for a couple hours only. I would feel so guilty that I would always take a shower when I got home. And I NEVER thought I would become a regular there but it happened!
So when I met Jamie it was all different. She was pl
easant and lovely and we hit if off from the beginning. Early on we started texting every few days and not long until I heard from her daily. That grew over time to weekly phone calls from her and then daily phone calls and finally she would call me twice a day whenever she could.

Early on (the first month) she told me that the felt unusually drawn to me and liked my kindness and my edge. Funny that one of these damage control posts said that she called me a “big teddy bear”. That is term that she used for me early on and never heard that again since I started losing weight and working out beginning my new life on my own as I moved to my own place in late Feb of 2009. A matter of fact the day I moved I went in to see her for a few hours and we had a VIP and I was so tired I fell asleep with my head on her lap and she rubbed my head and hair. Very nice.

I struggled inside that this was not a rebound or midlife crisis but the signs seems clear that destiny had brought us together as there were just too many freaky signs and funny coincidences and the chemistry was so strong between us or so it seemed. She quickly told me how unusually comfortable she was with me. Unlike any other customer ever. We had funny things in common like I was called Popeye in school and she was called Olive Oyl. We have the exact same deformed tooth that was a baby tooth for her and the reason for that “bridge” that I paid to have her bridge and teeth redone later that year. We have the same mole on our necks in the same place, same lines inside our hands almost identical, and we can both crack our knuckles without touching hands together. Funny and freaky.

The one things that she told me was that her father was murdered when she was 12 and in foster care and he had a very special and very unique name for her mother and for her. Well it so happens that my ex wife had a special character she plays for the kids in the school district where they live and that character has many characteristics of Jamie and her character is the same name! Well even more freaky is that a doll my ex wife sells, and resembles a young, gap toothed, long reddish haired, southern girl, as part of her deal has the exact same unique name her dad called her. This blew me away and we both freaked out and said this has to be destiny.

Ironically Jamie had a saying to me for all this stuff as she claims to be a devout Christian and prays before every meal and told me that God has a “calling on her life for speak to woman for God” one day. She encouraged me that this was all meant to be and no way it could be fake as the “devil is good at deception, but not that good”. I loved that and told me she believed it too for us! She gave me a sweet Valentine’s day card in 2009 after only knowing her a couple of months. Her first words in the card were “In a world gone crazy”. Those words were perfect like a movie trailer and described our situation perfectly. See the first pic of that card and those words!

It was around this time that I realized this was more than a friendship and yes I fell in love with her. I ler her know it and she was flattered but told me up front then that it would take time for her because of her situation with her ex husband being in prison. She told me he was the one man she had given her heart to and fully trusted with her all and he then did this to her and her kids and left them abandoned and that he was so selfish for what he did. But still she wanted to get to know me better and see where it goes and to have “more” with me when she was “done dancing” and she wanted to be “done dancing”. See the con and sympathy play?

I then committed to do whatever it took to help get her debt paid off and help her out of there for a better life and the chance that we could be together. Over time that built into mutual love and romance that was slow and methodical and almost like a teenage romance over time.

She did not want to meet outside the club originally (I later discovered she was still meeting outside the club with her last con and still having sex with him as it was not over with him yet) but wanted to get to know me better and build trust. This is why I started coming into the club for her and only her so much. Because I believed we had something unique and special and I wanted to help her get out of this mess. I was selfless and willing to sacrifice for her if necessary and I did. It was not about sex or control as what we had was sweet and a friendship that build over time slowly. She did not even dance much for me when we were together. It was like two friends hanging out at a club chatting it up and enjoying each other’s company. The difference was I was “covering her” to “shield her” from having to dance in there for her other clients that she said were nice but she would rather be with me if possible and I really tried.
By July of 2009 I was in a position to take care of her every time she came to town from “SC” (really FL folks!) I was there all the time and more and more we started hanging out at my place one or two days a week having fun and doing things together all over Atlanta.

Again it was when she wanted to meet outside the club and out of respect I let her decide when and where.

So when you read that I was a typical “predator” customer read the facts. This was a special friendship under very unique circumstances as she took me for my money and played my heart and told me of a future with she and her kids. It was devastating when I learned the truth and ended this in mid Feb 2011. Ironically I spoke to her husband on Valentine’s Day when he told me some things an lied that they were separated and I helped to “get them back together” by getting Jamie in a position where she had to tell him everything. All lies as they tried to con me with this as she was living there the entire time and they were NEVER apart! See Part2of2 for pictures and descriptions…..


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Who Scammed You Commenter
For those of you that found the sequel first here is the original story.
Who Scammed You Commenter
This will truly be my final entry and an update to make sure there is no confusion on this matter and MY EFFORT TO REMOVE THESE POSTS. I made the effort and failed and read below with the response from the people running the site and anyone wanting them removed must deal with them directly as I am done and did as I was asked to. Here is how this came about and read the response from the people at WHOSCAMMED YOU at the bottom.

To try to suppress this information, the subject of these posts had a temp 12 month restraining order served against me as was the practice with the previous man before myself to keep me from telling others the truth. The order only mentioned that I had given this information out to her family and people at the strip club where she worked and that I had threatened to do myself in and NEVER harm anyone else. All things I clearly posted here as the truth. No talk of any threats against her or anyone else as that was never the point or intent. Only justice and a legacy and being outed and being able to tell my story was the point and to save the next stupid man that believes her.

I went to court on Monday April 4, 2011 to be a respondent and was able to tell my side of the story to a large public crowd. I was very surprised that the subject of these posts also showed up on a Monday all the way from Orlando to tell her side. The story she told was amazing of only wanting friendship and getting sexual pressure from me and dominating all her time in the club. After two years? Seriously? Wording Just like the fake posts on here. You all read the truth and see the pictures and the cards from her to know better. Even using a false address in GA on the paperwork that I pointed out to the judge and even showed the address and name of the person that lived there! She did tell the judge how I did so much good for her family and how she made the mistake of letting herself get too close to me. Very true as I said the same on these posts and was nice to hear some positive and some truth from her.

I was very nervous as I did not expect to have to get into so much detail but clearly able to prove my side with text messages of “loving me” and that “what we had was real” and the email from her husband apologizing to me for what she did to me. The judge agreed that there was "some kind of relationship" here and was part of the document in how the order was handed out. The truth was heard but unfortunately in the end the judge decided in her favor and mainly because of these posts as that and one text message was her only evidence. The posts were “affecting her livelihood” as an “adult entertainer” as the subject of these posts told the judge. That’s all fine as I made it clear that I had moved on and hoped to never see or hear from her again. It was not pleasant at all to have to be in the same room with her or even stand next to her as I listened and then told my side. I made it a point to not even give her the courtesy of looking at her at all the entire time.

Even though there was NO MENTION in the actual order to remove these posts I was asked by an aid upon leaving to make my "best effort" to have them ALL removed. I did not like the idea of these posts going away but out of respect for the court I made an effort and was unsuccessful.

Here is the reply from the people who run this site and let it be noted that I IMMEDIATELY MADE THE EFFORT asked of me and was denied and here is the reply. I am done with all this “Jerry Springer Drama” and let the chips fall where it may about the nature of our relationship over two years as the truth is all here and as the bible verse says. You will reap what you sow. These posts will be part of the reaping of what was sown against me and two other men before me the past 2 years with me and 3 years with them and hope these posts save some poor soul in the future what we all went through.

Cheers and see below......
Info to me
April 4, 2011 8:56 PM
It is our company policy to not remove any posts from our website. Our site is merely a forum where people can post their alleged scams and the people who are the subject of those posts can tell their side of the story in order to set the record straight.
WSY is neither in the business nor has the capacity to take sides regarding who WSY believes is correct.
I find your description of events very interesting.

My scammer had a very similar pattern:

Parents died in a fire early on , age 13 she went to a orphanage/convent and learnt how to be a good housewife. We texted /IM'd very early on, she even groomed me by sending me ralph lauren shirts, and all sorts of stuff, even before we actually met. (She was in the US and I was in the UK) She sent me hundreds of pictures of her. Then one day someting bad happened, she became homeless and needed money ...She said I was her only friend in the wold..
Who Scammed You Commenter
I'm really sorry this happened to you. I know how you feel right now as it was the same for me after about 4 weeks but things got better as I moved on. Every day it gets better. It makes it hard to trust anyone ever again and almost seems like a necessity to hire a PI to look into and investigate any person you ever get serious with. Sad times we live in with so many evil people that are all about money and greed. Amazingly some like my scam claim to be super religious with a calling on her life but in reality their "religion" is of greed and selfishness amd will bring sadness and despair her entire life. She will never be happy and for what it's worth your con will never be happy either as she will reap what she has sown. Here's to happier days ahead for both of us! Cheers!
Who Scammed You Commenter
Records in June of 2015 Show she is now living in or near Dickinson, North Dakota! Beware!

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