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Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 2of2

Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 2of2

Atlanta, Georgia, 30060

Part 2of2

So here are the pics and a description….

Pic #1 Valentine’s day 2009. Her words if you can’t read them “In a world gone crazy you have slipped into my life and made things more calm. You really are a great and sweet and caring person. Thanks for being such a great person. Happy Valentine’s Day. Jamie” Sounds like I am a creepy customer that is using my money to get what I want? Yeah Right! Notice at the time it was not “Love Jamie” but just “Jamie”.

Pic #2 July 2009 – One of our first times going somewhere fun together and our first picture together. The GA Aquarium. A fun day and just starting to meet outside weekly after that.

Pic #3 January 2010 – One of the few times I came to meet Jamie in Augusta, GA as she said she had a lot going on and it would help her if I came there to see her for a few days. This pic is with her on the Augusta River walk. I always stayed in a hotel and we spent lots of time in the room together on the bed having fun, giving her lots of massages from head to toe, and watching movies. Also we ate at a great place called Rhineharts and stuffed mushrooms and shrimp to die for. A real hole in the wall and my kind of place! No romance yet but fun flirty and nice. September and again in November of last year I came there again and since we were now officially romantically involved and as she called it “boyfriend and girlfriend” and the times in the hotel was a bit more steamy but again no sex. The con was reinforced as I was actually meeting her in Augusta near her home right? Wrong! Reality was she drove up from Orlando to help her mom and sister with an issue and in November she came up to take the Christmas presents down to Orlando as her mom stated on a Facebook post that same week!!!!

Pic #4 August 2010 – My birthday card. We have now been together and friend for a year and a half and the amount of time one on one is staggering (you get to know someone with that much time) and we were even closer and this is after she told me that Her “ex” was dead to her in her heart and she loved me and was going to tell her family about me and she wanted to be with me and have a future together. We had been out of the club for three months and spent almost every week together. We were even going to run in the Peachtree Road Race together but she had to cancel at the last minute and go with her kids to visit her sister in law in Ohio. Obvious now that it was her along with her husband and kids going up there and not the three of them! Amazing! If you cannot read the card it tells the tale of where our relationship was as that time and how she said she felt about me. She wrote “I hope 44 was as good to you as 43 was! You’re one of the strongest people I know with one of the sweetest hearts! Thank you for being you! Happy Birthday! Love Jamie aka SJ” I called her SJ meaning “Sweet Jamie” and was her nickname to me. Now it stands for “Stripper Jamie” and “Scammer Jamie” unfortunately. Notice the hearts on the exclamation points and at the end she now says “Love Jamie”.

I have voicemails and texts telling me she misses me and she loves me over many months. Even in January of this year she told me that she was “glad we did not give up on each other” as she called me twice every day. Even when I was broke and bankrupt. Does that make sense if I was a strip club predator and wanted to control her as a trophy girlfriend? I think not . There was a comment about her being the kind of woman I could never have on my own? I was humbled by her beauty and charm and told her on many occasions that I am blessed that a woman like her could love a man like me! She would have a sweet answer that she felt the same way about me! Awwww! What a great con woman! LOL! Even so I am not a bad looking guy and since going online I have been dating many lovely woman closer to my age and hoping to find something real this time.

So all of you spin doctors and damage control experts take note! She played me and scammed me perfectly! I can keep doing this or you can let it go as I will always respond and make more post and pics if the damage control machine continues.
I am a good and honest man that was deceived by an evil woman and her husband. Notice the term slander is used by these people that NEVER knew us outside of that club. This proves they are fake posts by Jamie or her husband.

They will reap what they have sown without my help. But I am helping for sure in the short term!

Just hoping to move on from this negative energy as I did not expect to ever type anything about her again until these fake posts came up.

Dear Jamie and Joe….the more you keep typing fake posts the more Google searches will find out about you so it would be smart to stop! But you two are not and have never been as smart as you think! LOL!

Though you must give them credit for the scam on me and two others over 5 years. I’m just the first one to have the balls and time and nothing to lose to make sure the world knows and I save the next poor schmuck that falls under her spell!

A woman that takes men, uses them, lies to them, and leaves them for dead and moves on to the next victim? I think the name I have given her “Black Widow Stripper” is perfect. Maybe “Vampire Stripper” but either way I am hopeful a news agency will pick this story up. Especially since they have escalated it with these fake posts!

Here’s to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….so help me God and on the lives of my Children! This is ALL true! Cheers!

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Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 2of2 Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 2of2 Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 2of2 Jamie Suggs Sheppard Messer - Oasis Black Widow Stripper - The Sequel Part 2of2


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Ironically after posting this today I have heard from Fox 5 News in Atlanta showing interest and we are beginning to talk. I sent the original links to every local TV station with a note last week. All stations in Atlanta, Orlando, and Columbia SC. Also to all four major networks news shows and CNN and Fox News Channel have also been given this information.

This interesting. compelling, and completely true story will truly get legs and spread! Again....irony is intended! HaHa! I just have to laugh and not cry anymore! ;-)

So you have to ask? Why would I do that and put myself out there like that if I made any of this up? BECAUSE I DID NOT MAKE ANY OF THIS UP AND IT IS ALL TRUE! That's why! Confidence this will get out there locally then nationally!

Who Scammed You Commenter
For those of you that found the sequel first here is the original story.
Who Scammed You Commenter
This will truly be my final entry and an update to make sure there is no confusion on this matter and MY EFFORT TO REMOVE THESE POSTS. I made the effort and failed and read below with the response from the people running the site and anyone wanting them removed must deal with them directly as I am done and did as I was asked to. Here is how this came about and read the response from the people at WHOSCAMMED YOU at the bottom.

To try to suppress this information, the subject of these posts had a temp 12 month restraining order served against me as was the practice with the previous man before myself to keep me from telling others the truth. The order only mentioned that I had given this information out to her family and people at the strip club where she worked and that I had threatened to do myself in and NEVER harm anyone else. All things I clearly posted here as the truth. No talk of any threats against her or anyone else as that was never the point or intent. Only justice and a legacy and being outed and being able to tell my story was the point and to save the next stupid man that believes her.

I went to court on Monday April 4, 2011 to be a respondent and was able to tell my side of the story to a large public crowd. I was very surprised that the subject of these posts also showed up on a Monday all the way from Orlando to tell her side. The story she told was amazing of only wanting friendship and getting sexual pressure from me and dominating all her time in the club. After two years? Seriously? Wording Just like the fake posts on here. You all read the truth and see the pictures and the cards from her to know better. Even using a false address in GA on the paperwork that I pointed out to the judge and even showed the address and name of the person that lived there! She did tell the judge how I did so much good for her family and how she made the mistake of letting herself get too close to me. Very true as I said the same on these posts and was nice to hear some positive and some truth from her.

I was very nervous as I did not expect to have to get into so much detail but clearly able to prove my side with text messages of “loving me” and that “what we had was real” and the email from her husband apologizing to me for what she did to me. The judge agreed that there was "some kind of relationship" here and was part of the document in how the order was handed out. The truth was heard but unfortunately in the end the judge decided in her favor and mainly because of these posts as that and one text message was her only evidence. The posts were “affecting her livelihood” as an “adult entertainer” as the subject of these posts told the judge. That’s all fine as I made it clear that I had moved on and hoped to never see or hear from her again. It was not pleasant at all to have to be in the same room with her or even stand next to her as I listened and then told my side. I made it a point to not even give her the courtesy of looking at her at all the entire time.

Even though there was NO MENTION in the actual order to remove these posts I was asked by an aid upon leaving to make my "best effort" to have them ALL removed. I did not like the idea of these posts going away but out of respect for the court I made an effort and was unsuccessful.

Here is the reply from the people who run this site and let it be noted that I IMMEDIATELY MADE THE EFFORT asked of me and was denied and here is the reply. I am done with all this “Jerry Springer Drama” and let the chips fall where it may about the nature of our relationship over two years as the truth is all here and as the bible verse says. You will reap what you sow. These posts will be part of the reaping of what was sown against me and two other men before me the past 2 years with me and 3 years with them and hope these posts save some poor soul in the future what we all went through.

Cheers and see below......
Info to me
April 4, 2011 8:56 PM
It is our company policy to not remove any posts from our website. Our site is merely a forum where people can post their alleged scams and the people who are the subject of those posts can tell their side of the story in order to set the record straight.
WSY is neither in the business nor has the capacity to take sides regarding who WSY believes is correct.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Records in June of 2015 Show she is now living in or near Dickinson, North Dakota! Beware!
I received an anonymous letter about this person. I was told the person who sent it is a crazy person who paid her thousands of dollars to go to his sisters wedding in NY and she never had anything to do with him but he became obsessed with her to the point she had to take out a restraining order. She said all the letters on here are fake and she never wrote any such things. I would like to know the truth and also hope that my safety is not in question.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Wedding in NY? Nope. Spent every waking moment together there in mid December 20210. Notice even the REAL kid's mother commented that Jamie used kids that were not even her own for her scam. Her ex husband's kids she said were her own. The fact that I cared and believed her lies and never slept with her for the two years I knew her and helped her family says it all about who was good (and dumb) and who was evil. 10 years later. God and time does heal. I am sure Karma has has her way with her by now. Forgiven but NEVER forgotten. Life lessons learned.

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