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  • Submitted: 02/09/2010
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Metal Roof Company Scams After Hurrican Wilma

Lake Worth, Florida

Prior to hurricane Wilma I contracted AMETCO roofing to complete a metal roof for my new home. I signed a contract for $15,000 and gave a $500 deposit. This fee was negotiated and the price was set in stone. A few weeks prior to hurrican Wilma we set a date to start the project. Then hurricane Wilma hit. This caused one of the biggest scams I have been a part of in my life.

A few weeks after the storm, we called to once again schedule our roof. We were told by the salesperson, Jay, who for the record was inappropriate in many ways. For example, he would stop by my work place unannouced at least once a month for literally no reason. Kinda creepy if you ask me. Anyhow, Jay informed us that we would incur a 30% increase in our cost of the roof. This was due to his increase in costs since the storm hit. However, he failed to acknowlege our contract which was already negotiated and set. So, after much talking, yelling, etc, he agreed to keep the contract as is.

But, the scam does not stop there...

Once the day came to start the roof, I get a phone call telling me that ALL of the metal had been removed and/or stolen from my driveway. Further, we were to incur all the costs of replacing the metatl What?? Complete bull. If hundreds of pounds of metal were in my driveway, it would have been evident with someting... debris, indents in grass...something. Jay completely lied and tried to get the extra money out of us once again. It took many days for him to fianlly agree to complete the job without us replacing the metal that was supposedly stolen.

Moral of the story....Don't use AMETCO...Always sign a contract and give a deposit...Be sure to have someone make copies/ and or witness the event.

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Metal Roof Company Scams After Hurrican Wilma


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Great Advice! I need to put a new roof on my house soon, and I won't be calling these guys.

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