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Corporate Credit Source - V. Martins

Scammed buying aged corp with credit

Las Vegas, Nevada

I recently got scammed by V. Martins at Corporate credit source in Nevada. She advertises on Craigslist most time posting headline will say Aged corporations on SALE. She supposely sells aged corporations with lines of credit. She sent me a contract that looked legit and also stated if she does not get me the lines of credit within 16 weeks she would refund the upfront cost. I signed the contract and paid the upfront fee. Waited and waited. Had a few email exchanges with her. But at 18 weeks I tried to contact her, no response. I looked her up and found that she has scammed several people that have reported her on rip-off reports website. Just wanted to let everyone know you will not get your corporation or your money back. I looked up her business license in Nevada and found out that she has owned several different business licenses since 1992 which most have been revoked. She is a scam artist that has been doing this for years. I am going to report her to the FBI in Nevada. If anyone else has been scammed by her please let me know. Also, if anyone has found a legit company please give me their contact info. I still need the funding but do not want to get scammed again.

Any referrals would be greately appreciated.


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