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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/10/2010
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Nathenson Chiropratic

"Dr. Painmaker"

Lake Worth, Florida

I was having some severe back pain after a week of busting my *ss as work. I mentioned it to someone and they suggested i go see a chiropracter. So i thumb through the yellow pages and find a chiro near home called Nathenson Chiropractic.

I make an appt. to see Dr Michael Nathenson. He takes "x-rays" and says there is nothing wrong with my spine and sets me up in a room were the help does the hot pack treatment . Feeling a little better after the heat I thought "wow" this guy knows his stuff. So he walks in the room and say's "You need some stretching and then I will fix you right up"!! He walks out and next thing I know this big dude with Biceps that look like coffee cans has got my legs ripped back over my neck.

"Mother F*cker that hurts" I told the "HULK". He smiled and said I would be fine. He ripped my f*cking body to pieces for a half an hour. Finally Mr. Muscle stops torturing me and says "The doc will be in shortly." I'm laying there feeling like I have just had my *ss kicked by a couple of bouncers at a strip club and in walks Dr. Nathenson. He cracks my back and say's, "come back tomorrow I'm gonna fix you up in a couple of days"!! Like a dumb*ss I went back for more of the torture sessions until I ended up in the emergency room screaming in pain.

MRI Diagnoses: Herniated Disks L-4 and L-5. The ER Dr. said that Dr. Nathenson was am idiot for not having prescribed an MRI. "Thanks for torturing me Dr. Nathenson"!!! You will never be recomended to anyone by me.

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