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Worst dining event EVER

Miami Beach, Florida

Its the Saturday before the Super Bowl in Miami and Phillipe was the only restuarant with open reservations for that night. RED FLAG. The girls I was with cant do anything without an elaborate spread so off to dinner we go. Our reservation was at 9:00pm so we arrive at 8:45, the girl who set this up lives in the same building as the restuarant so we met there and walked down. 9, 9:30, 10....we are still waiting. I am getting a nice buzz by now so the only thing on my mind is the fact that my Heinikens are $10 a pop. Not a big deal, it is South Beach so I was prepared. We tried to explain that we were not tourists and that it is now 11 and still havent been sat. The hostess or manager did not give a damn so we decided to order our dinner in the waiting room and give up our reservation. Two hours later but who cares, I just wanted to get out of there by this point. The calamari was ok (why they serve this at a Chinese joint I dont know), the chicken satay tasted and looked like chicken fingers with with Cracker Barrel Gravy slapped on top, and our fried rice never even came. I complained again expecting some sort of compensation but they did not give a SH@T! I already hated this place and against my better judgement gave it a 2nd chance. NEVER AGAIN will I or should anyone else ever go there. Crappy service, prices and food.

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Worst dining event EVER Worst dining event EVER


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I'm staying away from this place.. WOW

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