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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/25/2011
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Bashama aka Tammy Auston

Golddigger Sugardaddy lady

Marietta, Georgia, 30061

I met a lady whose only name is Bashama. Her maiden name is Tammy Auston. Through a series of financial loans and assisting her with her business, she now is in possession of huge amounts of my cash reserves and personal property that she moved out of my leased home that I shared with her while I was on a business trip. She knew that I had limited financial resources because of my current business struggles. In my personal opinion, she scammed me. She even filed a felony charge of false imprisonment against me when I attempted a citizens arrest of her accomplice after I discovered the theft. I will be filing felony charges against her and her gentleman friend named Wendell Carraway as soon as the false charges against me are dropped or dismissed or I go to trial. I also have suspicion (unconfirmed at this point), than Wendell Carraway may be AKA Terrance Bulock. Note that I became the suspect on my own police report because I firmly believe that Ms. Bashama influenced the police department to alter my report and make me appear to be the suspect. And if and when this report on this website makes it back to her and her accomplice, I can guarantee she will attempt to use it against me in a court of law. Except, my team of lawyers advise me that stating the truth can never be used against you. I speak the truth and stand by my reputation and integrity in a court of law. I shall be mildly amused if MS. Bashama has the courage to show up in court to defend her recent activities. It appears she also has previous judgments in New Jersey where public records appear to show she owed over $84K to 10 individual lawsuits. And she had a alleged failed business in Florence S.C. I hope to write a non-fiction, non-profit book in the next few months about this truthful experience in the hopes that others can learn from my experience. In my personal opinion, Bashama is a narcissist sociopath. And I am Unipolar. And to think I actually thought I loved her in the beginning. And maybe in her own mind, she feels justified to take my money and resources without even the courtesy of an explanation. Maybe my defiance of her activities and behavior will serve notice to other victims. After reading and studying sociopaths, I am quite self assured that anything I do or say will not have any influence on Ms. Bashamas future activities. Recently I created a website of that shows a single picture of a communal cup, a sign of forgiveness. If she gets any message at all, I hope she realizes that I cared for her and her family despite her outright hostility and attempted manipulation of myself. I erroneously thought I could show her care and concern and help her navigate through a difficult period of her life. Yet, I should have known that alleged sociopaths have no care for others except themselves and their own immediate gratification at the expense of others. So, PLEASE, I truthfully hope Ms. Bashama shows up in court with a copy of this open letter and steps through every word and every line looking for something, anything to use against me for her own benefit, because THAT is her nature.


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Well darn it, I just posted a quite long article and I get the following message:
An unexpected error occurred. Our system administrator have been notified. what gives?
Who Scammed You Commenter
I'll try again. Here is first of about 6 paragraphs. I will send the others as separate responses later.
Great news. I am the author of this report that I posted a few days ago. I just got word from one of my lawyers that the lady in question is considering filing charges of ??, actually I forget what the term was, I'm sure it was disparaging her name. You see, unbeknown to most, I am a prolific author concerned about learning about human nature. I wrote a private novel about myself 7 years ago that started as a journal, and then VOILA, I discovered that I could write about my worries and most of my worries went away because they got locked down on paper. So it goes with this particular story. I saw many of the red flags about 2 weeks into the relationship with this lady, and promptly ignored most of them because I was enamored about learning massive amounts of information about her, or should I say her personality type. After what I will kindly term 'the scam', I wrote massive emails to the lady about myself and our relationship in the hopes that maybe, must maybe, the lady in question would be reasonable and make an honest effort to repay the debt to me, or at least meet me on Monday, Feb 6 at the local police department and talk out our differences. I made the offer and still stand by it. Instead, it appears to be in her best interest to continue (in my personal opinion) to manipulate the financial, political, and judicial system in her best interests. Now I will admit openly, I am far from being perfect and have made grave mistakes in my dealings with her and other people in the past 7 years. So if it is appropriate, I do ask for this lady's forgiveness for anything I have done to wrong her. Next.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Okay. shorter responses are working, so here are rest of my writings today. They are:
I'll change gears a little and say that the majority of my writings made directly to her (before she slapped a restraining order on me) was to encourage her to communicate with me. Yet, when I did my open public records search, I found lots of questionable activities in her past that just made me instinctively ask a whole lot of more questions. In case you are wondering what I have been up to in the past 4 weeks since the last activity, I can honestly say I have spent little to no time worrying about this lady. In fact, I have been so busy with my business activities that, well, I have no time to spend on worrying.

So why do I write so much you ask? Because I am a compulsive learner about human nature. I was emotionally isolated in a 27 year old (successful and faithful) marriage to a wonderful woman, and then I went Unipolar. In case you haven't heard of this, it is medically diagnosed as being the top (only) part of Bi-polar. I really never go neutral or negative on the emotional scale. I always see the bright side of life regardless of the negativism of others. In fact, I sometimes get drawn to the negative side of others because I a enthralled to learn why and how they think they way the do. I hope you are hanging in here with me as I have a long and detailed story to tell about all I have learned in these past 4 months from this particularly strange encounter with this lady. And I'm sure my team of lawyers will turn over in disbelief about me when this lady shares this forthcoming series of messages on this website with her lawyer. In fact, I rather insist that she take ALL the writings and ALL the voicemails sent to her cell phone and SHARE everything in court about WHY she acted the way she did. I will be taking copious notes about everything she says and why she thinks the way she does. And I will be most happy to take the stand and answer questions in the most detailed manner possible. And I will probably ask me lawyer if I can do some deep questioning of this lady myself as I still have more unanswered questions.

Who Scammed You Commenter
Here is the last portion and I am done for the night.

And I will be sorely disappointed if she does NOT show up in court and even MORE disappointed if she doesn't act out her part in life and continue to cause me distress in order to benefit herself.

Maybe I've proven the point that I go against the grain as I have just written quite a lot in about 30 minutes and I seldom if ever go back and proof-read for errors or omissions. I find it actually refreshing to just let the fingers flow over the keyboard and let my thoughts run free. Do you ever have that feeling? Where you just want to state the blatant obvious and get your feelings out, preferably on paper.

Again, I respectfully regret getting involved with this lady. I should have terminated our relationship after our trip (that I paid for) to visit her family in Arizona on Jan 1 (new years day). I had enough warning signs from her son, daughter, brother and extended family that something was amiss. And yet, even this lady knows that I saw a need in her daughters family that was missing. I saw 4 young grandkids that lived in less than desirable conditions, and I suspect, actually know, that my monetary contributions to this lady were going to support this lady's daughter and 4 grandkids, so I continued supporting this lady with my time, money, and energy to help her get back on her feet (or so she told me). What I didn't realize that more than likely, in my personal opinion, she had a ongoing relationship with an accomplice who, maybe, had plans for my resources, that included clearing out over 240 Home Depot storage boxes from my leased home while I was away on a 3 day business trip to Florida. And not ONE time, did she, or has she, returned my text messages, phone calls, or emails, pleading with her to come clean and tell me her motives. Not one time, except a single handwritten note left on my office desk saying she was unhappy and would contact me the next day. And she and her accomplice cleaned out my shared home and she was VERY careful not to take anything of my personal possessions that I could prove in a court of law as mine. Except she mistakenly took some of the boxes containing my business inventory and she took my long handled wash broom, and my pantry full of about $1,000 worth of food that I had bought to stock pile the house and also help support her business.

In closing, I sincerely hope this lady IS successful in her business adventures in the local area. It's one of the few ways she can earn enough money to repay the debt to me. I hope she comes to her senses and realizes somewhere deep in her heart, that maybe, just maybe, this guy she nicknamed KaShama, was more interested in her well-being than he was in benefiting immediately from any relationship. And just maybe, maybe, he saw, well, a need beyond HER need to take advantage of me. Time will tell, and I truly do want to see the inside of a courtroom and listen to the unfolding and unraveling of this story.
Who Scammed You Commenter
I know I am a little crazy because I care about people more than I care about my own well-being. I found a recent definition of altruism (the alternate truth). I wonder if I am blessed/cursed with this condition. Time will tell.

I'm the author of this post. I simple ask for forgiveness of my transgressions. I even created a simple picture of my thoughts at during the period in question with this lady. It stands for a new covenant of forgiveness. I have been struggling with my own issues for so many years until I found a generous level of peace by letting go of those things I have no control over. Yet, I readily admit that I I remain troubled by a buerocrazy(spelled correctly) that is so complex that anyone with a ulterior motive can manipulate the financial and legal system to their own benefit. I know because, in my personal opinion, I was scammed by a man many years ago and I still have not gotten restitution after spending thousands of hours and many thousands of dollars trying to do the right thing, which is change how others treat themselves as well as their fellow man. Maybe one day I'll give up in frustration and recognize that human nature is just so engrained with self-serving mentality that there is not much hope for change among us. Or maybe, just maybe, I will have the opportunity to serve others with my writing and thoughts that will transform some fundimental systems. I digress. Let me get back to the point of this semi-blog. I ask for forgiveness for myself in the hopes that others can forgive me also. If you are interested in where this conversation is going, I hope I have the opportunity to share some great stories I have with you in the next few months. and yes, ALL of the other stories have absolutely nothing to do with this lady that I have a personal issue with. Except maybe all these other stories have a common thread about human nature and why we act and think the way we do. As you can tell, I am a prolific writer, mostly about my own issues. I hope some of the things I write resonant with your own heart. Imagine what it would be like if we as individuals, learn to speak with a true natural voice, which means not positioning ourselves with a canned speech and self talk that is ultimately self-serving. How wonderful would it be to speak our truths with out pre-processing the outcome. Is anyone following what I am saying? I doubt it. But maybe some of you are catching my drift so to speak. So in closing for now, I simply ask for forgiveness. Is anyone listening? like maybe my Father?
I just realized that yesterday was April Fools day. I guess I am/was the fool? I have led myself to believe that in the end, humans will get real with themselves and come to grips with their own human nature and actually DO something about doing what is right. Time will tell. Thank you for reading this far. I hope to continue working on myself and writing about my own human nature and changing my own way of thinking.

Again, I ask for forgiveness for myself from anyone, including this lady, that I have inconvenienced and hurt for what ever reasons. Signed, (website).
Note: i should be easy to find. I'm the guy with his heart on the sleeve who just spent 4 years of his life with little to no pay developing visual systems that helped me see inside my own head and may evolutionize how we think. Search a little and find the trail of stories that will hopefully continue. Intrigued? I hope so. Bye for now.
Hello Keith,
Hello Keith,
Oops, sorry.
Hey Keith,
It's Artie, Bashama's son. I heard that my mom was on a website and decided that I'd check it out. Wow, really. I didn't take you for the type of man to handle your differences in ways that would cause further pain to others especially to those who may not have been directly involved . I'm not sure what happened between you and my mom but I do know the difference between right and wrong and that no matter what 2wrongsdontmakearight.
Who Scammed You Commenter
This is totally unrelated, yet maybe not. Here is a general suggestion for how to get someone to show their true colors. If you think, just maybe think, you are being told something that needs to be verified, simply do this ONE THING. Pull out your smart phone and digitally record the conversation. Even use the built in camera if you need to. If the other person violently protests, like a certain lady did to me, then VOILA, something is amiss. Or should I say admissible in court. I got this idea from a lady friend, not this one, who was scammed by a guy named Bill Sullivan who may be listed on this site. My apologies to all the wrong Bill Sullivans. Take a look at Simple copy and paste. Legal Disclaimer: This video is OLD and is NOT mine and has no resemblence or co-relation to the lady that I have issue with. Hope this helps all the others.
Who Scammed You Commenter
email request made to remove this listing done on Tuesday April 12 and again on Wed April 13 to No response received yet.
Who Scammed You Commenter
Another request sent to today April15, 2011 by author to remove this posting. Also, letter with legal request/response sent by USMail to owners of this website.
Who Scammed You Commenter
From the author. Repeated phone calls and USmails have resulted in no response to our request to remove this posting. It's Sunday morning, and I give up. Literally.... I am constantly amazed at human nature, both the good and not so good side. How many times must a simple request be made before a human responds? I guess it all goes back to why we act the way we do. Would you agree that our basic behavior is always to look after number one? And by number one, I mean ourselves. Not one time have I had a positive acknowledgement of gratitude or acknowledgement from the lady for the time, effort, expense, or concern I honestly and sincerely provided for her and her extended family. So at this point, let both of our actions and behaviors speak for themselves and we shall see how this minor drama plays out. I am too busy with life to worry myself (and others) about the what-ifs. In summary, I would much rather be known by my loved ones, friends, and business associates as a 'Has Been", rather then a 'Never Was". I have paid the price. How about you? signing off now.

P.S. I ask that no-one post any comments on this thread because the ONLY thing it would do would be to extend a sorrowful story. Thank you for your kind consideration.

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