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  • Submitted: 03/25/2011
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Ima Sumac Watkins

Scamming spiritual people out of their money

Calabasas, California, 91302

This woman is an EVIL person.I believe Jefferson is a good person just a little misguided.I believe he has been brainwashed by her & doesnt know how to get out.She has convinced him she has all these spiritual gifts,etc.The truth is people whom have these gifts dont usually charge a lot of money for them.I believe she is the greatest manipulator.I think she doesnt care about Jefferson & he is the perfect patsy for her crimes.It wouldnt surprise me if she tried to hurt him.I pray he realizes the ship is sinking & its time to jump.


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Fraudulent of their business, fraudulent representation of themselves of a spiritual nature, scamming spiritual people out of money claiming to be Ascended Masters in training here on Earth. They also claim they are the only two people 'chosen' and will one day be speaking in front of thousands of people, channeling and servicing others.

One very interesting concept Ima and Jefferson spoke of, is how they've been 'channeling and healing' each other for the past 6 1/2 years, 3-4 hours a day before seeing clients they work on with the same process.

Ima and Jefferson are charging hundreds of dollars for individual sessions where both Ima and Jefferson claim to channel and communicate with all Archangels. They are both masters at manipulation of a person's emotions to gain someone's trust, so it is advised to be extremely aware of your surroundings while in the same room with the both of them.

I find it very interesting there are no pictures of this woman claiming to be Ima anywhere on the web. The man claiming to be Jefferson, is overly flirtatious and repeatedly talks about sex with women on the phone in terms of what he will do with those women when (or if) they're ever together. Jefferson uses mostly text messaging and avoids actually speaking on the phone. A dating website Jefferson was on was and his user name was slickcreator. He has since closed his account. When he spoke or told stories via email, many times he did not make any sense at all and would claim confusion to throw you off. It is very simple to catch him being untruthful.

For group sessions, they're charging $20-$30+ a person and are claiming to channel Archangels Metatron, Ascended Master, Lady Nada and many others. During attendance of these group sessions, when Ima claimed to have channeled an Archangel, every so often, she'd very slightly open her eyes to scan the crowd before calling upon individuals in the crowd to speak of experiences in their personal life. During an authentic channeling, that sort of behavior does not occur.

Both Ima and Jefferson claim they gave up all of their fortunes to serve others and therefore are living out of a hotel (together in the same room for the past 6 1/2 years) to see and understand people who are (or have been) through a hardship. They claim to have given up their home, their cars, all of their money and even their friends so they could understand what it means to build a business out of a hotel room. They also claim to still be involved in the entertainment business.

They are currently staying at The Country Inn & Suites, 23627 Calabasas Road, Calabasas, CA 91302, on the 3rd floor. They also claim to move around to different rooms frequently where there is pure energy.

Currently, Ima's Cell number is: 1-310-359-3602

Currently, Jefferson's Cell number is: 1-310-456-4748

This information is listed to that you may give this to the authorities when you decide to move forward in the process of charging Ima and Jefferson with fraud and criminal activity.

They move around often and it is advised that you do not confront them, allow the authorities to do their job for you.

Who Scammed You Commenter
  • oh joy
  • Submitted: 05/06/2011
Great spirits have always faced violent opposition from mediocre minds - Albert Einstein

Makes you wonder about a site that allows people to post anything without any proof whatsoever or corroboration of any kind, coincidentally anonymously, and then call itself a business. How ironic. Not to mention each of these ads are followed up with a prostitute/call girl looking for love.
I have known these people for years and this couldn't be anything further from the truth.
The people who wrote these statements are in fact being reported by concerned individuals who are reporting this as bogus claims. We were there at the workshops. Having amazing results. These are good people doing good which is more than can be said for these sad souls lost in their own world of pathetic accusations and mundane mediocrity. And we know their names and they cannot run from karma! They've been warned. Learn to make your own decisions about things and people, you're better off from your own interpretation of life. PERIOD!

The truth prevails always!!

We are all one, unitied, connected. If it is truth that you seek for yourself, that will only be found from within.

Karma is a gift. Calling in karma is what we as humans do to help us along our journey. There is no right or wrong. It is 'us' ourselves asking for this, it is predestined and our gift of free will to make desired changes is our blessing. It is karma that is seen within ourselves before casting upon another. Look not from the outside of another and cast your evil. Look from within, savor each lesson and continue on. All roads go in two directions and are filled with mirrors.

As humans, our main defense mechanism is ego, which may be seen on automatic pilot, if threatened. When humans are secure from within, ego is sleeping. A Diving Being knows their own truth and responds in silence.

Live, love and breathe from your heart. Quiet your mind and relax your soul. Be aware of every word you speak and think, and there will be light. Surround yourselves with love, compassion and harm to none.

aga'pi kai to fos

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