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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/25/2011
  • Severity: 8

Steve, Frank or Jason

You being sued for Fraud

Temecula, California

These indian/middle eastern men keep calling stating that I am being sued for a payday advance back in December and It's a lie! They keep calling from different numbers and Have left two different messages on my cell phone stating I needed to or my lawyer needed to contact them back.... They want over 300 dollars and they stated they can deduct 100 points from my credit score for any info that I wanted! They continue to call.And they know both my last names and SS#! I'm just stating the facts That I know That I didn't receive a payday advance deposited from the internet for 200 dollars and the fact that they want me to pay for an advance that never occurred. They continue to call and harrass me to pay a bill that never happened.


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  • Joye
  • Submitted: 03/26/2011
I am being harrassed by these same people. They even have my work phone number and just keep calling and calling. When you ask them to send you the information that they have they quickly get real defensive and say they don't have to provide me with anything but I can send them 500 to settle this matter but the amount that I was supposed to have received from the advance was either 200 or 300 dollars.
They are very persistant! And for me it's just annoying. I Have my bank statements and I never received an advance during the time they stated or for the amount they accused me of. I called the FTC and also I contacted the Three major credit bureaus and put an alert on my account for suspicious activity.
They are stating that you are being sued for fraud but the amount that you are being sued for fraud is under the amount By the U.S.S.Its not inforcable by law, So I wouldn't worry about being sued for fraud! If the amount is under Five-Hundred Dollars.
It's not forcable under the U.C.C. to be sued for under five-hundred dollars. Not the U.S.S.
Also...the next time they call and threaten you with a suit, tell them to go ahead and file it...and that you'll meet them in court because that's the only way they'll ever get any money out of you. And then HANG UP. Stop arguing with these scammers! They WANT you to be worried and scared because these emotions are vital to them being able to extort money from innocent people. Make it a ritual...answer the phone...tell them to meet you in court...and then hang up. If you're consistent, they'll eventually stop...or just call once in a while when they feel enough time has gone by for you to forget about them. And contact your three credit bureaus to report possible social security numbers theft/fraud. Personally, I'd start working on steps to report Identity Theft, myself. Just in case.

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