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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/25/2011
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Michael Hazel

Romance Scam

Coldwater, Mississippi

I was scammed by this man in November and then heard from him in Dec saying he was so sorry, but was in a terrible car accident and in the hospital and I even got emails from his so called Doctor..At first he couldn't walk or talk and gave my information because he told them I was the one closest to him so they emailed me with his progress for a month till he was able to get back online..He apologized to me over and over for what had taken place after I sent him 500.00 and he seemed to disappear..Well like a dummy, I fell for all his story and excuses and he asked me to take care of his Dr bill that was 650.00 in a hospital in London,Suffolk UK..I sent him 300.00 to help him pay the Dr and then he needed money to get back to me cause he loved me so much and couldn't imaging a life without me..I then sent 850.00 in Feb. and another 725.00 in March of this year on the 16th..After the 17th of March, we were chatting on yahoo messenger and he said he had gotten the money and was going to get things in order and will be with me within a week.. I have not heard from him since and have emailed him numerous times and sent offline messages on yahoo with my messenger and he has collected them but no response.. He claim,s to be in Suffolk London UK in a hospital which is not yet a standard hospital so there is no listing of it..His so called Doc Smith has emailed me and chatted with me and even spoke on the phone with me..I think he is also in on this scam as is Eunice Stevens and an Allison Wimship who I have sent money to for Michael on 2 occasions but to different addresses..I have all receipts from money sent and names and addresses..Michaels cell phone no is 01144(703)595-6837..I have called him a few times and he answers and we talk and he has called me numerous times also..I just can't believe I fell for this guy twice and believed him and fell in love with him over the internet..I sure learned a good and hard lesson.. People beware of this man..

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This scam has been perpetrated on my mother. She still believes that "Michael Hazel" is the love of her life and she never stopped sending him money. She still sends him the bulk of her social security check every month.

She is currently on death's door in the hospital and on a ventilator and this man is NOWHERE near her side!

I have read his emails to her and they are full of B.S.!!!!!!!

I also know that he has other women out there that have warned her to beware of him....!!!

He is a bad person!

And to Gene....and his are a sick person too. I can't believe that women fall for idiots like you!

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