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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/11/2010
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Vic and Angelo's

Vic and Angelos LONG waits and B*tchy Staff

Delray Beach, Florida

So I went to Vic and Angelos the other night for dinner. The skinny, four eyed *sshole on an ego trip because he thinks he's running a hot night club in South Beach, tells me its a 25 minute wait and to come back in 20 min to check i have an over priced drink (i have seen shot glasses bigger than this) at the bar...check in 20 min later and he tells me its going to be another 20 min...aggravated I walk away and have another over priced drink, 20 min pass...while I sip on my drink i notice that a 22 year old douce bag with daddies credit card that came in after me is being seated, now I'm pissed, so confront the host and he tells me I am next and the Jersey Shore meatball was a friend...15 min later an anorexic 16 year old girl finally brings us to a table...The table is out side next to (basiclly on) the train tracks and the table is soaked because it has been raining, I notice that the chair is soaked and is being dripped on, I tell her that there is no way we can sit there, she sighs and tells me that if i dont want to sit there its going to be another 20 im livid. I walk back over to the douche bag host and tell him what happened, 10 min later they finaly sat us inside. After all that you think we would have at least had a round of drinks on the house....nothing but a waiter with the personality of a dead skunk....I'm all set with this place, i will not spend another dime at this sh*t hole, Vic and Angelo can bl*w me..

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Vic and Angelos LONG waits and B*tchy Staff


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I've never heard of 1 positive thing about this place..

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