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Chrysler LLC


Detroit, Michigan

Hired on and was told I needed to move to Detroit (on my on $$$) in order to become and employee.....Moved from California to Detroit (on my own $$$) to do so.....Was then sent back out to California on Chrysler $$$.......THEN they began hiring people locally without the mandate of going to Detroit....Was harrassed by relocating 7 times in same position while other less qualified people were promoted due to 'who they knew'. Was told merger with "Daimler" was "necessary"....Daimler enforced deep spending cuts and raided cash reserves......NOW,,,,"FIAT" owns Chrysler and while selling LESS vehicles under WORSE conditions,,,they are expanding.

Management at this company is VERY manipulative....Customers AND Dealers suffer as a result of a loose dealer agreeement and tight warranty policy......I would NEVER purchase a Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge product when there are other choices on the market.


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