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i was scamed for an identical amount of a payment made to a legal busines and the scam dates were identical. has any one else had the same experiance? I just noticed the simularity after reading on this scam sight..would be happy to hear from someone with the same experiance. this is my second time . but it was rectified to my satisfaction.


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  • YM
  • Submitted: 05/25/2011
How did you rectify your problem with the online movie scam. I am having that same problem and I am unable to contact anyone. Please Help?
  • Arthur
  • Submitted: 05/25/2011
I wrote to the website I went through via contact us. They replied by saying don't worry, it will only go off one time. It didn't! Next month the same happened. All you can do is file s claim dispute with your bank. I got my money back but when it happened the next month, I had to cancel my card. There's no simple way out. I pursued every option.
  • dillah
  • Submitted: 06/16/2011
yeah... me to.. i got scammed from this

who is this anyway ?


Rp. 346.625 (Indonesian Rupiah)

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