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Angela Love

Escondido, California, 90804

She wanted to play me and scam me of my money she is a dirty bitch.

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Angela Love


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  • Angela
  • Submitted: 03/27/2011
This is a prime example of what I mean. This person aka Richie Hilson ( and, aka Martin Forman contacted me on Under both names tried to scam me out of money. Told me after four days he was in love and all that crap. I saw right through it and I kept all the IM's. He got this picture from my cell phone. The police are involved in this investigation. If you have been contacted by this person or know this person, you should cotact Escondido, CA police asap. His IP address has already been registered with the FBII who logged is IP address from my IM messages. He also goes by the alias Amy on Myspace. He is not a very smart person and will be caught quickly.
Is this a clearinghouse for scammer information or is this love connection hook-up? Practically on all of the postings about the love scams, gene21's writing about hooking up! What's actually going on here? I'm not here to insult, but this is ridiculous. Please keep this site, the way it's meant to be-for informational purposes only, to aid in the cooperation/prosecution of law enforcement!

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