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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/11/2010
  • Severity: 9

Ashley Diener Gems4Me

Scam Artist, Doesn't Pay For Work

Miami, Florida

Ashley Diener is the president and owner of Gems4Me, an online retailer of jewelry and watches. In October of 2009 he entered into a contract with me for 100 hours of SEO/SEM and web development work on a few of his websites. We agreed upon a price and the terms of payment. Payment was to be made weekly, prior to work being completed on any of his websites. The first week he paid on time, however every week after that he was progressively later making payments. Despite that, I continued to work on his sites in a timely fashion, until mid November. By then he was two weeks behind in his payments and virtually impossible to reach by phone. He initially said that "the check was in the mail" but when it hadn't arrived 10 days later (North Miami Beach to Boca Raton) I knew that he was lying and ceased all work on his sites. When I finally reached him via telephone I was told that he would track down the missing check and replace it, but here it is February of 2010 and I'm still waiting. Do not do business with this scammer!


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