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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/29/2011
  • Severity: 9

Charter College

For-Profit/Trade School is a RIP-OFF

Canyon Country, California, 91387

They charge you almost $18,000 to give you a worse than BAD public school education due to the unqualified, lying instructors. DO NOT waste your time talking to the Admissions Rep becuase they are DUMB too and just in it to make money. The Medical Insurance Coding and Billing program is actually Medical Administrative Assistant. Get your monies worth by going to a state college. That's where the government spnding dhould go. Not these private owners that don;t give a DAMN!


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  • Annie
  • Submitted: 03/30/2011
Wow, you're in college? From your misuse of punctuation to the misspelling and just plain lack of understanding of the English language, I feel confident in my belief that Charter College was not your problem.

I have had a great experience with this school. I find it unfortunate for others when people like you, someone who clearly doesn't have their facts straight, provides people with misleading and false information about a great school.
Dear Anonymous: Because your post lacks any specifics, it makes you sound like a disgruntled student who is just upset with the school. Your name calling, like calling people dumb, takes away your credibility. You make general statements about all of the instructors, the staff and all of the admissions representatives when you've only been exposed to a few. You call the teachers unqualified, which is a false statement on its face. Not only do the teachers have the necessary education, they also have field experience. You make a statement about how someone should instead go to a state college, but you fail to mention that the students at Charter College want a fast track program where they can complete their education as soon as possible, and start working immediately.

Most students cannot afford to wait two to four years before they can start working. We paid close to $50,000 dollars for my daughter's education which is well above the $18,000 you mentioned. My son-in-law is spending $250,000 for his education. They know that a job will not be handed to them and they will have to search like everyone else when they graduate. I know many well educated people who make it their full time job to find a job and are still looking in a tough economy. They know that it may take months, but they work hard at it every day. From what I know about Medical Insurance Billing and Coding, you need to gain experience before you can gain the trust of a doctor and handle his money. Though I've also known Charter graduates who have started doing billing and coding right after graduation.

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