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Gerald Thomas Griffin

Home repairs to gain access for theft

Jacksonville, Florida, 32210

Gerald Thomas Griffin is an active Burglar and Thief living in Ortega Farms. He lives at 4828 Tara Woods Drive East, in Tara Woods. He lives across the street from me and stole items from my home while doing home repairs. When I found a tool or something missing he would say he "borrowed" it. Florida law will not allow you to recover items "borrowed" unless you physically see them removed from your property. He calls himself a Handyman but his main income seems to come from theft.

I would like to make him the Poster Child for an article informing residents to check at the Clerk of the Courts Website before allowing someone in their home.

I physically caught him trying to steal tools from my home. He uses a white bucket to hold tools as he works and I found some of my tools in the bottom when the task at hand did not require them.

Before working for me, in one case he took a $4000.00 commercial paint sprayer from a property and pawned it. JSO investigators found the unit while checking Pawnshops. He told the police that he intended to return the item when he could. He was convicted of Dealing in Stolen Property (a Felony) for this crime.

Mr. Griffin has been spotted cruising neighborhoods by Neighborhood Watch Associates. He drives a white 1992 Toyota PU FL license i492gq.. These sightings have occurred at odd times. He has also been spotted by a marina manager casing boats.

On the night of November 19th, 2010, a friend and I saw Mr. Griffin and his wife Laurie P. Griffin come home at approximately 11PM with a load of scaffolding parts. They quickly unloaded them and covered them with a tarp at the back of their home on the driveway. This is the same night that scaffolding parts were stolen from The Church at Argyle.

I have included Booking Photos of Mr. Griffin and Mrs. Griffin. She works for Carolina Casualty Company in Jacksonville and is the main source of income for the family. I have stage four cancer. Mr. Griffin and his Wife have heckled me as I tried to recover my items. I would like to see this white trash out of Tara Woods before I die.

Mr. Griffin presented a Business Card to me indicating that he was licensed and insured. After I had issues with Mr. Griffin, I checked and Duval County did not have a record of his license or insurance.

His criminal record is available from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He was convicted of two Felonies. He apparently snitched his drug sources on the second felony or he would have been in prison for a long time.


John E. Malseed
4817 Tara Woods Drive East
Jacksonville, Florida 32210
Retired GS-15
Former Chief Electronic Engineer
Federal Prison System
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Graduate


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