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OF Lending (OFL)

Short Pay Refinance

Pleasanton, California, 94566

Paid OFL alot of money (from my retirement funds) to assist in negotiating lowering of my mortgage principle. Greg Lomba pressured and signed me into "the deal", spending $10k. Others associated with my case are Micelanne Hogarty and now Ryan Mitchell. I usedy credit card and was charged $500 by my bank by way it being considered a cash advance.


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Warroko - please contact the Alameda County DA Investigator Rick Monge. OF Lending is out of business and has defrauded many people. Also file a complaint with the Department of Real Estate. Bill Hogarty has also filed personal bankruptcy. But all is not lost. Please contact me at:
Open message to OF Lending victims: If you were contacted by ANYONE 'working' on behalf of OF Lending after the date Bill Hogarty says OF Lending went out of business, (on the bankruptcy paperwork either December 31, or January 31), please contact me. I have some good news for you.
Jim Rivera, formerly a Vice President at OF Lending is suing us for slander, to the tune of $5000.00. We have not slandered him in any way. Everything we have said is the truth.

If you had dealings with Jim Rivera at OF Lending and have information you believe will assist in our defense against this baseless and unfounded lawsuit, we invite you to testify about your experience, and have your say in open court.

The court date is this Wednesday, June 15th at 2 pm, Department 702.
The address is 5672 Stoneridge Drive, Pleasanton.

Thanks in advance. Your help is appreciated.

If you were scammed/defrauded by OF Lending Group and have NOT filed a lawsuit or gone to court yet, and would like your money back, please contact me. I have a way that I believe will make you whole again, or at least most of it. Please contact me ASAP. I will then give you all the details. Let’s get your money back for you.
For those of you following this OF Lending/William Hogarty saga, I wanted to give a quick update. Please know that I have not independently had the opportunity to verify this myself, but I believe it to be 100% true.

Gregory Lomba, who has posted on here and who worked for Bill Hogarty as his VP for the Loan Modification Team, was arrested 3 weeks ago on charges of larceny related to his loan modification scam. Bail was set at $100K and he apparently was just released, I'd have to assume on bail. There's hearing tomorrow which I believe is the preliminary hearing and several of his victims have been asked to testify. The hearing is at 8:30 tomorrow, 2/14/2012, at the courthouse in Contra Costa at 725 Court Street in Martinez. The wheels of justice take time, but looks like time ran out for Greg Lomba.

I realize there hasn't been many updates on Bill and Cristy Hogarty and James Rivera, but please don't believe that it's because this has been forgotten or that they won't be held responsible at some point. Alameda seems to take a little more time in reviewing cases for potential criminal charges as do the feds, but please know it's not becase this has been dropped. I promise this is not the case and at some point I think these three will likely learn the lesson that Greg Lomba is, but in a much bigger way.

Email me if you have any questions or still need help. The statute of limitations will run out before too long for some of his first victims so if you haven't taken action, please think about doing something sooner rather than later before it's too late. My email address is


William Hogarty, Greg Lomba, James "JR" Rivera and Jim Torpey have now all been charged with 15 felonies related to short pay refinance and loan modifications scams. The charges included: 12 counts of felony real estate fraud and grand theft and three counts of felony criminal conspiracy. In addition, William Hogarty faces an additional count of felony perjury for lying to the Department of Justice by telling them under oath that he refunded $421,000 to his scam victims when they found only about $30,000 had been refunded. There are also enhancements to these charges because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are charged with stealing. These new charges are in addition to the felony assault charges William Hogarty has pending against him for felony assault.

William Hogarty's bankruptcy was denied after the DOJ investigated him and were taking him to trial for fraud. He named most of those scammed as creditors in his bankruptcy in order to avoid having to pay anyone back. Thank god it didn't work and the bankruptcy has been thrown out and now he can be sued again.

Now that he has no protection from the bankruptcy court, if you were scammed by him of OF Lending, please file a small claims suit immediately before the statute of limitations runs out. He will likely have to cop a plea in these new charges of fraud, grand theft and conspiracy which would mean he'd likely have to admit some guilt. This should make it very easy to secure a judgment against him since it will involve a guilty or no contest plea. I watch Judge Judy enough to know that an admission in criminal court seals the deal in civil court if someone sues for damages related to the crime. I know that sounds white trash and all, but it makes perfect sense. Even if he claims he doesn't have money and even if he ends up behind bars for years, I believe judgments are good for ten years and can be renewed twice. Therefore if handled correctly, this can haunt him for 30 years and you can go after him in the future.

If you need information on how to reach him in order to serve him, please message me and I can help you locate him. Even if William didn't sell you the program personally, he is personally responsible as the broker and has been charged as such.

By the way, he is now running a used car dealership, I kid you not. So watch out. The dealership is called "Hogarty Auto Sales".

William will be on here in 3....2.....1..... claiming to be a victim and that the world is out to get him and that it isn't his fault he preyed on those most vulnerable by the collapse of the real estate market, and then he'll even give some economic advice/input as if anyone cares what he thinks. Finally, he'll talk about how "blessed" he is because of his family as if anyone cares about these lies either. Let's just say that he threw his "amazing wife" out when she was pregnant with his child so he could carry on with some girlfriend and that he was arrested for beating up a roomate for giving his pregnant wife information about the going ons in the house with the girlfriend". The current wife was the mistress when he was married to the mother of his other children. Ick. Oh yeah, He'll also swear he'll tell "the real truth" when the criminal proceedings are behind him. Ummmmm, aren't you supposed to tell the truth to the DOJ, Federal Judges, DRE and DA?

Let me add "so think about it and have a nice day".

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Just in case you missed it, here's a link to an update on the story about William Hogarty that Channel 7 did today. You can go to their web page tomorrow to see the video. His attorney now says he's willing to pay everyone back. Funny how 16 felony charges has changed his position on this.

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