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Archwood Lending Group

Secured Loans, SCAMMING people out of money

Atlanta, Georgia, 30345

Applied for a loan was contacted days later by a Walter Kinsler from an unknown number. Then tells you about all the information you need to hear (little does he know I USE to be a loan officer), everything he says is point on. But he screws up by stating that some of the investors that are willing to loan you the money are from Spain (major red flags). When he is questioned about this he gets antsy AND defensive (Simple question why from Spain?), and hangs up. A 5 year open loan (meaning no penalty for early repayment) @ 7% fixed interest rate, with a security deposit of 8 months worth of payments, with you beginning to repay in the 9th month. YIKES! Luckily I did NOT fall for this. CONSUMER BEWARE!


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  • msbus
  • Submitted: 04/01/2011
This is exactly what happened with me. When he said to send the money to Spain, something smelled fishy. Glad I checked with the Better Business Bureau before I bit. Could not find anything with the BBB.
And you won't find anything with the BBB. He called again I asked why no accreditation with the BBB? He hung up. So he knows I'm onto him.

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