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  • Submitted: 04/01/2011
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not disclosing


not disclosing, Texas


Thank you very much for replying to my post about RH.

I don't feel ashamed.. but these things can get deeper and deeper, for us as well. I have nothing to report anyhow, as he didn't do anything wrong actively to me.

I'm always wary of being scammed anyhow-which is so weird that I got scammed in only 3 days on Disillusioning about life and people-I didn't think so highly of people before-this doesn't help.

That's AWFUL that he posted your pic as the scammer. Are you serious?!? ? I swear, I never win in this world, and getting tired of trying to, but after so many years of coping with too many bad 'folks', I can live through anything....

Good luck to you and you be careful! I'd say, no dating anyone not in your immediate vicinity-or whatever. I HATE TECHNOLOGY-it just makes evil and deception way too easy for people.

Best of luck and take care. :)

Amy A.


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