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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/12/2010
  • Severity: 5

Ashley Dammy

Beware of Possible Renters

Panama City, Florida, 32401

I put a room for rent on craigs list and recieved a response from a suppesed young lady from up north who wanted to rent my room. we made arrangements for her to send the money to secure the room. she decided she would send the mony forthe room and also send money for shipping her car to florida she mail me 3 moneygrams for $950 each and she put inthe package 2 pennies with no note and little communication. so i was to put the money in the bank i call money gram to check and they told me that the money grams were no good and i found out that the bank would have taken them and put money in my account but would ask for the money back in about three weeks by this time she decides to drive down so i was to return her money and keep my rent out. but instead i contacted the police and reported this scam. I was not outwitted by this scum scam and i never cashed the moneygrams because i learned of this scam on the internet. so i was not scammed but i warn you watch out if you are renting or if you are selling something on craigslist or any other site i know it is not craigslist but those who abuse the system who want to scam you and get what they dont deserve


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  • magoo
  • Submitted: 03/05/2010
I did not get scammed by her either but I was contacted from a craigslist post i put up. After i replied back to her original msg I asked to meet with her, she gave me a long story about how she is currently in Ohio and a little about herself... I then searched on google for her name and found this post to see if anyone else came across her.. I reposted my craigslist add a couple days later and once again received the exact same email the first time she responded to the post. It came from the first time and the 2nd time. I know personally I would never rent to someone I was unable to meet first at a public location. I would recommend the same to anyone else.

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