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Brad Mclean scammer

Lagos, Florida

This creep was trying to get money from me. He claimed he was in Nigeria on business he was an dealer of some sorts we talked everyday for 3 weeks.He viewed my profile on so I emailed him back.He said he was from Florida and would be home in a week.The day he and his daughter was to fly home he emailed me to say there had been a terrible accident.The hotel he and his daughter was staying at caught on fire and his daughter was hurt badly'and she needed surgery before she was to leave the hospital.And everything he owned was burned in the fire.He asked if he could borrow 1300.00 and would pay me back when he came home.I called him a scammer and he got upset.He says he is not.Till this day he is still emailing me and still has a yahoo account.There has to be a way this has to be a way this creep has to be stopped.They egt on and use someone elses profile after they contact you they ask you to go to thier private acct to chat and all of a sudden the profile dissappers on match.Please don't fall for these scam artist.This is so sad cause I didn't know if I was hurting a child by not sending the money and it really upset me.


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