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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/02/2011
  • Severity: 10

Glenn Davis

Handyman Crook

Cumming, Georgia, 30041

Glenn Davis came to us with a sad story about getting his life back together, since he was separated from his wife of 3 kids. We gave him a chance by letting him rent our place. Then the trouble started, when we would call to collect rent and deposit, he would always find an excuse why he didnt have the money. Then, he found some issues in our kitchen, where a pipe had been leaking and had created some problems. He said he was a handy man and could fix all of it. So, we fell for his con artist speech. We agreed to let him fix the problem in exchange for one month rent free as he had asked for. He promised to pay the deposit and finish the agreed upon work within two weeks. He had also promised to pay the utility if we left it on our name until he can come up with the utility deposit. Three weeks later, we never got a dime from this crook. He had stopped doing the agreed upon repairs as soon as we finally had the utilities shut off . We asked him to leave. But, he arrogantly said that he knew his rights, and that he won't leave for at least 30 days. We then filed a writ of possession in court. This scum waited until the very last minute to file an answer (7 days later), So, we had to wait 2 more weeks for a hearing. At the hearing, we let this crook go off easy by agreeing to settle with the mediator. We agreed to have him pay only $200 out of the $3500 that he owed us for 2 months, and leave after the 7th day. The day he was ordered to leave our house, he didn't leave. We went to get our writ of possession document, and scheduled for the sherriff to come evict him. Unfortunately, the sherriff couldn't come until a week later. This scum took extra 5 days to finally get all his crap out of our house. We still didn't get any dime from this crook. Don't believe anything he says. He's a pathological lier. I wonder who his next victim will be.


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