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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/03/2011
  • Severity: 10

Bankers Life & Casualty

Annuity Fraud

Chicago, Il, Illinois, 60654

Bankers Life & Casualty Company, headquartered in Chicago, Il, sold my 95 year old Mother-In-law a 10 year annuity policy about11 years ago. The policy fully matured in August of 2010. In the nine months since the policy fully matured we've been trying to get money from Bankers Life without any results! They ask for the same paperwork to be sent to them repeatedly, then claim the paperwork was never received, intentional send out the wrong paperwork then fault you for filling out the wrong forms, claim the person working on your file no longer works there so everything will have to beging again, and dozens of other canned lies their telephone operators read from a prepared script. They have NO intention of every paying of on any claim. They have been sued and fined by several of the state insurance commioners and others to no avail. They are currently under investigation by the US Senate special committe on the aging for the high pressure sales techniques they use to force seniors into allowing Bankers Life to withdraw money directly from peoples bank accounts, and for non payment of claims. Bankers Life is a total scam set up to take money mostly from senior citizens without any intention of every paying out on their claim.

Do you homework up front and NEVER buy anything from Bankers Life or trust ANY angent trying to sell you anything sold by Bankers Life !


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