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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/03/2011
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Curtis Winkle

Money Begger

Indiana, Indiana

Met on and started out as a nice chat online stating he was a widower, computer engineer, retired and only worked thru an agent who would get him contracts within the U.S. and over sea. Supposedly traveled to Ukraine on a business trip that would keep him there for only 2 weeks and it has been 1 month since he has been gone supposedly. Since he has been there his wallet has been stolen along with his money, bank cards, credit cards, and all his personal information. Felt sorry for him and I was a fooled to send him money so that he could start this contract in which he never did complete...wanted to finally come back to the U.S. and now he needed money for his ticket to come home....wired him more money and low and behold he was in a taxi accident on his way to the airport and now he is in the hospital and again needs money to pay for serviced rendered and he doesn't have the means to pay for it. So now the hospital feels sorry for him and would let him go if he finds someone to pay for trip home and that way he will be able to get his life back again and be able to go to his bank withdraw money and send to the hospital for his care. I did not send him money and will not send him anything......he could stay in the Ukraine for all I care.

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  • Submitted: 04/09/2011
This scammer may not be in Indiana. Last I heard he is posing as living in LA. If you want address I have it, but then again, it may be a ficticious address,

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