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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 04/04/2011
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Rihanna Kelvin

Romance Scam

Austin, Texas

This person claims to be from Austin Texas. But this is just a Romance Scam from Nigeria. This scam is so believable, I can see why people can get duped. She will start off claiming to need money to head to where ever you are at. Which she will state is for the flight, as well as ask for numerous other "favors" over the course of many months. These people don't care how long it takes to rid you of your money.

Then when all that falls through, in comes the million dollar sweepstakes that everyone is all too familiar with...!!!! Beware...!!!! Beware...!!! These photos are most likely due to them hiring a model. And these guys go off a script so they don't like to deviate from. Its to keep track of the the 20 or so people that are working on at the same time.

These people are absolute scum. They prey on people emotions...!!! They look for someone who is looking for something, looking for love. And they won't stop till they clean you out.

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Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam Romance Scam


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I was taken by the same Rihanna kelvin scam. Those pics the con uses in emails to you.
They are stolen pics lifted from a soft porn sites. I was ashamed to find out where they really came from. You just can not trust any body these days via the net! African Nigeria scam 101
They target dating sites via the net Beware...
Yes...she is a scammer...!!! These people are dangerous...!!! Do NOT contact them, if they start asking for money. No matter how desperate she will try and sound. She has REALLY bad writing skills for someone supposedly from America. Can't tell past or present tense too well.
Beware...they target dating sites like or is NOTHING but spam, and itself, is a total scam.) It always starts off the same way, she will quickly fall in love with after a few emails....

Then, out of nowhere...asks you for money, once she has established enough of a bond. Believe me, these people don't care that they have to wait a year to get you to part with money...and it will start small like, $300 then it will be $400...then all of the sudden, turns into a thousand over night...!!!

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